A Mother’s Day To Remember: Samsung Galaxy S®5 from Verizon

May 6, 2014 • Fashion Blog, Lifestyle, Mother & Child

SamGal_S5I have some vivid memories of Mother’s Day as a child with my own mother. When I was about 6 years old and had no money to speak of, I came up with the brilliant idea of making my mother a new perfume for a Mother’s Day gift… using her various perfumes. All of them. I had saved an empty perfume bottle of hers and like a chemist I poured a little of each of her perfumes into the empty bottle. I’m sure it smelled horrid, but my mother took a whiff and pretended it was the best perfume she had ever owned. Bless her.

My first Mother’s Day as a mother myself was of course my favorite. It was just 5 years ago. We spent it at the Belmont racetrack with my husband’s family, which has now become a Mother’s Day tradition. I am not into horse-racing or betting, but it’s usually a pretty spring day and I appreciate being outdoors. I have a ton of photos of my husband proudly carrying our oldest son (who was just 7 months old at the time) strapped in his Baby Bjorn and showing him the horses. We took a lot of pictures that day. My husband was so proud.

This year we will spend it at the racetrack again, but I am really hoping I receive the Samsung Galaxy S®5 from Verizon (vzw.com/bestdeals) as well as the usual bouquet of flowers. I am so tired of lugging my giant camera around that I tend to leave it at home. I am actually in need of a new smart phone since I am still using the iPhone 4S I’ve had for 2 years. I have not been happy with the photo and video quality and have heard from friends who have the 5S that it isn’t much better. So I have been contemplating going back to a Droid. The Samsung Galaxy S®5 from Verizon (vzw.com/bestdeals) interests me because it’s 4G (I still have 3G), takes HD video and high resolution pictures with it’s faster shutter speed16–megapixel and split-second auto-focus. It doesn’t hurt that I can conserve power with the Ultra Power Saving Mode and can even use it as a workout partner with it’s Fitness Tracker. As a bonus, it’s only $99 (which is $100 off!) New 2 year activation required.

Most of all I would love to have the perfect camera to catch all of life’s funny moments with my kids because sometimes they just happen when you least expect it…and usually when you don’t have your camera readily available. That it will aid me during fashion week and all the social media things I have to do for Second City Style, well that’s just the icing on the cake.

SamGalS5Offer– Lauren Dimet Waters

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