Spring ’14 Shoe Trend: Athletic Shoes Outside The Gym

May 6, 2014 • Blahnik Tonic, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Shopping, Trends

Street style has left it’s mark on fashion and thank God it’s in the form of comfortable shoes – the athletic shoe. I am not talking about the wedge sneakers made popular by Isabel Marant a couple of years ago that have now found a permanent home in the back of your closet, but real honest to goodness running type sneakers. Truth be told I have never been a fan of sneakers and jeans (a la Jerry Seinfeld). I mean I have been known to make fun of those wearing sneakers with suits on their way to work. Yet, now fashionistas all over the globe have made athletic footwear look almost dare I say chic? How do they pull this off? Listen up because it’s really easy to mess this one up.

Try pairing your running shoes with a leather jacket and a knee-length dress. Or wear them with the season’s hot full midi-skirt trend or shirt dress. If you are not that daring maybe consider keeping the look monochromatic (like a white pair of suede sneakers with a white ensemble or black with black). If all else fails, just stick with the KISS method.

– Lauren Dimet Waters



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