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Buccellati Expanding

The Italian jewelry company Buccellati has been busy modernizing its image and also planning future growth this past year. One way they are doing this is by making their jewelry accessible to a wider range of costumers, but still keeping themselves at the high-end of the market. Even though a lot of their pieces are one-of-a-kind, they are making their line of watches and five core “families” of jewelry, in a range of materials and details. Also international advertising is in the works and a new logo for the company is being planned.

Nordstrom Keeping Their Consumers

At Nordstrom Inc., digital is now just a fact of life. The retailer’s chairman, Enrique Hernandez Jr., explains, “The Nordstrom team is squarely focused on a strategy that serves customers the way customers want to be served today.” Even though in 2013, it was a challenging year for retailers and Nordstrom saw a net sales slip 3.3% it was made up by a 27.8% sales gain at their online store. With Nordstrom’s various businesses they all come together to best serve the customer.

West Hollywood Fur Ban

In a federal court on Monday the City of West Hollywood prohibted the sale of animal fur apparel. Chief Judge George H. King of the United States District Court for the Central District of California dismissed a constitutional challenge filed by retailer Mayfair House to the ordinance. King explains how he wants to, “promote community awareness of animal welfare, foster the city’s goal to be a community that cares about animal welfare and further the city’s reputation as a cruelty-free zone for animals.” However, a spokeswoman for Mayfair House says, “We are surrounded by home design stores that sell fur chairs and fur rugs. That is where the issue is. Why is this just directed to apparel? Just be fair and apply it across the board.” Mayfair House can continue to challenge the ban at the state level.

Patrick Dempsey Launching Line of Watches

Actor Patrick Dempsey can now add designer to his resume. On June 15, Porsche will debut 50 Dempsey Racing Limited Edition timepieces. Each piece will be priced at $6,250 and will be sold at Porsche Design Stores and throughout North America. The watch is made of titanium with a dial in a matte black and features an easy grip crown and push buttons.

–Rachel Bogo

Source: WWD

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