Celebrity Style: 4 Unique Style Combinations From The Stars

May 12, 2014 • Celebrity Style, Magazine



It takes a true master of fashion to make a unique fashion combination look really good. Not everyone can pair mixed prints like black and white polka dots and black and white stripes or even dress shoes with a grungy rocker tee, so be careful when you try this at home. Even celebrities have trouble making certain looks work. Have you ever seen Jennifer Lopez in a neon pink jumpsuit or Kim Kardashian in all over denim? Big no-no!

You know you’re a true master of style when you take a look not everyone can pull off and you make it look presentable – even trendy! That’s what these celebrities are doing and surprisingly, they’re doing it well. Let’s check out four celebs and the trends and colors they’re combining to come up with winning looks not everyone can do. You may have to be careful, but at least you’ll be inspired in your next fashion risk.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Mixed Prints 

Sarah Jessica Parker, queen of outrageous fashion, is also the queen of outrageous fashion that works! I’m not sure how SJP became fashion wunderkund but it probably has something to do with her Carrie Bradshaw days, a pink tutu and those incredible Jimmy Choos. Since then, it’s still difficult for me to see her in a pair of sweats on the NYC subway (it’s happened, of course!) but when she goes out for fashion events, she always pulls out all the stops. Met Gala 2014, anyone? Yes, she can pull of tights and sandals but she can also pull off mixed prints of different textures as she did when she wore a graphic black and white coat over a velvet blue-on-blue dress at the Clio Image Awards. She made it look fabulous!

Margot Robbie – Green and Gold 

Unless it was St. Patrick’s Day and I was a leprechaun, I would never think of putting green and gold together in a cool color combination for the masses. But Margot Robbie did it – and she did it with lamé. Margot made quite the impression in her green sleeveless top, gold miniskirt and statement necklace at the Dior Cruise 2015 show in New York City.

America Ferrera – Black and Yellow 

Black and yellow are for bumblebees…and America Ferrera? It’s not often that you see celebs wearing neon yellow but when you do you don’t often want to copy them. That’s not the case with this trendy little black dress and that great yellow belt and yellow shoes to match. Let’s use America Ferrera’s Givenchy dress as an example of great style. If you’re going to wear something as bright as yellow leave it for accessories only and not the all over ensemble.

Jessica Biel – Crop Top 

I’m sure many of us shook our head in collective dismay when we learned that the crop top was back in style. Who in their right mind could pull off this look if they were over 18 years old? Well, apparently, it’s possible for the crop top to be age appropriate if style in just the right combination. Crop tops with high waisted pants in the right neutral colors can be very, very mature and Jessica Biel makes this Vionnet ensemble look like the perfect combo.

– Simona Kogan

Photos: (Left to Right) Sarah Jessica Parker, Margot Robbie, America Ferrera and Jessica Biel from People.com

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