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May 19, 2014 • Magazine, Vintage


It’s time to go super girly – this week we are talking about lace! Lace is that age old, classic look that denotes demure, sophisticated and ladylike style. Lace was seen all over the Spring 2014 RTW runways and it’s totally timeless. If this trend is not one you have really done in the past (because it’s a little too girl next door for your style) don’t fret, just mix it up with more modern and edgy trends like neon, fun hardware and of course leather!

Lace has been around since the ancient times and there are several different types of classifications depending on how the threads are woven. A few examples are bobbin lace, knotted lace, crocheted lace and needle lace. Lace was originally crafted from linen or silk accompanied by silver or gold thread, but in today’s modern world it’s now made from common fabrics like cotton and other synthetic materials. It’s believed that lace-making began and spread through Europe in the late 16th century when it was first made and used in the Catholic Church on the vestments of the clergy. After its widespread growth it was used for more common items like home décor and other articles of clothing for everyday. It eventually made its debut in the USA in the 19th century and hasn’t changed much in the ways that we use it to adorn clothing and accent our lives.

I’ve always loved a girly girl who goes full out lace and pearls, looking demure, feminine and sexy all at that same time. However, sometimes that’s not where your personal style choice takes you, and that’s OK! Lace can be incorporated into your wardrobe with just little accent pieces if you prefer more edgy or dressed down attire. Maybe get a clutch for a special evening out, or find a lace overlay pair of smoking slippers that you can wear with you favorite boyfriend jeans. There are also lots of jewelry options on the market that mimic the look of lace, just in case you don’t want to try it in the form of apparel. Go out and give it a try. Happy shopping!

1. 1920s Cloche Hat in Beige Lace, $34.99

2. Vintage Lace 1950s Black Cocktail Dress, $84

3. Alice + Olivia Spring 2014 RTW

4. Alice + Olivia Jayna Metallic Cotton-blend Lace Dress, $550

5. Tory Burch Jackie Lace Espadrille Flats, now $105

6. Anthropologie Laced Brighton Trousers, $128

–Carmen Turner

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