The New and Usual Trend in Jewelry

May 23, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion, Fashion Blog

new and unusual

Ear cuffs, hand bracelets, midi-rings and many more are becoming everyday staples in the jewelry world. The popularity has sky rocketed however designers attribute the more is more aesthetic to ancient times. Anita Ko says, “Back then, people didn’t pierce as often as they do now. We’re really bringing it back — I’m just putting a modern twist on it.” Ko’s stackable ear cuffs have been seen on the ears of Emma Watson, Suki Waterhouse and more at the recent Met ball. The classic diamond or pearl earring is so last season. Paula Mendoza was inspired by Egypt when designing her first piece. Her snakelike beaded bracelet is now considered her signature piece and comes in other styles such as: chokers, rings and earrings.  Perhaps now the pressure is on for designers to come up with new and unusual pieces!

–Rachel Bogo

Source: WWD

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