Costello Tagliapietra Relaunches Website And Introduces the Unisex #PerfectCardigan

June 10, 2014 • Designers, Fashion Blog

Jeffrey Costello & Robert Tagliapietra

Luxury fashion designers Jeffrey Costello & Robert Tagliapietra have recently announced the relaunch of their website, Costello Tagliapietra’s new site was created in collaboration with DTE Studio and Blkdot using the Tumblr platform to provide an interactive and social experience for their consumers.

What makes this relaunch so exciting is it will be the first luxury fashion label to launch a website exclusively through Tumblr. is supported by a fully functioning e-commerce backend system using Blkdot, a Tumblr specific social commerce software. This allows users to create shopping posts that retain their functionality when reblogged. All transactions are processed securely through Stripe, a suite of APIs that manage over a billion dollars worth of online payments and transactions annually.

The site also introduces Jeffrey and Robert’s exclusive Perfect Cardigan, the brand’s first unisex style. The #PerfectCardigans are introduced on the website in a series of editorial photos featuring an array of artists such as Alissa Bennett, Mia Moretti, Valentine Uhovski and many more.

Mia Moretti-Perfect Cardigan

Costello Tagliapietra’s new website, interactive e-commerce features, and the #PerfectCardigan have been launched simultaneously to show the brand’s new direction, forward thinking and digital focus.

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– Jaleesa Key

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