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June 19, 2014 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

Juliette Has a Gun, Romano Ricci, fragrance

Juliette Has a Gun is a line of niche fragrances created by Romano Ricci, the great grandson of Nina Ricci. The range of scents are edgy, yet elegant and very distinctive. Ricci studied for years in secret before launching his fragrant creations in 2006.

There are currently 10 scents in the collection and frankly, one is better than the next. Some are named Not A Perfume, Mad Madame, Romantina, Midnight Oud, Miss Charming, Lady Vengeance and the latest and my personal favorite…Anyway. Here is a bit of info about a couple of them;


Not a Perfume is made of 1 single synthetic ingredient – Ambroxan. Ambroxan is a molecular creation that comes from the organic research. Developed by Firmenich in the 1950’s to replace Ambergris, a very rare natural secretion of whales, Ambroxan comes in the form of white crystals. It is usually used as a back note in perfume composition, even if its smell is curiously quite far from its original inspiration.

Along with today’s minimalist trend, Not a Perfume follows suit and adds extremity, irreverence and conceptual characteristics to deliver a true art form. The scent does not evolve; it is not a composition, but rather it’s one distinctive note that is very strong & lasting on skin. Just like the white packaging it’s housed in, its makeup is fresh, clean, and clinical. This brand new concept from Ricci is 100% synthetic and created without allergens. It launched in December 2010.

Juliette Has A Gun Anyway



This latest fragrance just launched this past December. Anyway is “clear, to the point and yet utterly unique” claims Ricci. “For once I was searching for simplicity. A perfume that would be neither too sophisticated nor overly imposing.”

This original formula consists of just fifteen ingredients (including; Neroli Essence, Green Lime Essence, Jasmine Absolute, Ambretolide (Musk), Ambroxan, Hedione HC.). It’s a blend of musks, woods, and flower petal notes that come together in a bright yet subtle way. Yet, it’s far from an anonymous scent, Anyway, is a signature fragrance ready to unite with the feminine as much as the masculine.It is a promise that evokes the sassiness of a formula, an imprint, leaving behind it a heady sillage that gets stuck in the memory.

Juliette Has A Gun Bullet

The coolest item in the collection, however, is the Juliette Has a Gun Bullet Purse Spray. It’s perfect for travel or anywhere you want take your favorite Juliette Has a Gun scent on the go.

“Hopping into a cab for an important meeting or a hot date?  No need to worry about carrying your favorite perfume anymore.  The universal purse spray is refillable with any Juliette Has a Gun fragrance. Practical and elegant the bullet is no bigger than a lipstick” saysRicci.

The rechargeable universal purse bullet and dropper refills are sold separately.  The purse bullet dispenses fragrance with a spray and the dropper refills are available in four fragrances: Lady Vengeance, Not a Perfume, Romantina and Mad Madame.

The fragrance is $90 and $135. The The universal purse bullet retails for $35 (4ml) and the dropper refills retails for $50 (30ml).

Visit Juliette Has A Gun and find your own favorite! Dare to be different.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Samples provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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