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July 14, 2014 • Magazine, Vintage

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Casual gals rejoice! This time around we are talking about your wardrobe staple: screen print tees. Who doesn’t love a jeans and t-shirt kind of day? One way to spice up your casual Friday (or Monday, Tuesday, etc…)for sure is to grab a graphic tee with one of your favorite designs or a snappy quote. If you haven’t noticed they are everywhere, so what better time than now to embrace your best weekender look for any day of the week by stocking up on a few?

Screen printed graphic tees became popular in the 70s and 80s. It was around this time when most young people started to dress down in more casual clothes than the attire the 50s and 60s demanded. This trend seems to have gained legs in the form of concert t-shirts, where hardcore fans could purchase them at their favorite music venues in support of bands and musicians. It was later that the designs of the printing moved from just musicians and bands to logos, branding and quotes. In the 90s many of the famous graffiti artists of the time (i.e. Keith Harring) became household names because of their t-shirt designs. These days you’ll see movie quotes, brand logos, original and well-known artists and artwork and just about everything else screen printed on a shirt.

As a fashion forward gal that we know you’re objective is to pick the graphic tee which suits you. Do you want to express your mood? Do you want to be ironic? Do you want to be truly vintage? It’s really up to you and you can’t go wrong. I love graphic tees because you don’t have to be confined to just wearing them with jeans. You can mix up your work wear and instead of wearing your go-to top under your blazer, put on a graphic tee. You can also wear them with skirts (I love how the celebrities are wearing them tucked in to pencil skirts!) or go deconstructed evening attire and wear one with a full skirt or pair of sequin pants. Honestly, printed tees have been my favorite thing to wear and experiment with this season. Although it’s likely they’ll transition well into the fall season, now is the time to get out there and give it try!

1. Graphic T-shirts on Mena Suvari, Kirsten Dunst and Victoria Beckham

2. Cynthia Rowley Lei-Print T-Shirt Dress, $210

3. Gucci Flora Print Jersey T-Shirt, $295

4. Take A Journey 1981 Tee, $148

5. 1970’s Jerzees Unisex Zodiac Sign T-Shirt, $28

6. Anthropologie Francophile Tee, $48

– Carmen Turner

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