Project Runway Review: Season 13 Episode 1, The Judges Decide. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Show

July 25, 2014 • Fashion Blog, Television

Project Runway 13 - 1 Designers

Project Runway is back! Season 13 Episode 1 started by showing us the jury process with 18 designers presenting pieces to the judges. This was a good way to get us to know the designers, and it is interesting to see the process. Three of the 18 were immediately cut: Tim, Nzinga and Emmanuel.

Amanda was voted back from last season. The first challenge for the designers was to show a glimpse of their Spring Collection, one that they would potentially show (or get stuck with) at New York Fashion Week. They had to put together one look, in one day, with one trunk of fabric (that they were allowed to swap with each other). Many of them were happy with their fabrics yet there was still a whole lot of swappin’ going on!

In the workroom the designers’ personalities fell into place. Amanda (Cool Girl), Angela (Nervous Girl), Sandhya (Artsy Girl), Mitchell (Underdog Beachy Guy), Char (Confident Hard-Working Girl), Carrie (Bright Blue Hair Girl), Fäde (Older German Trapped in The 80s Guy), Korina (Critical Bitchy Girl). We all know the other personalities will come to light as the series moves along.

There was no big drama in the workroom, only confusion and dismay coming from some of the designers over Sandhya’s look and worry and concern that Angela may wind up with a nervous breakdown.

Project Runway 13 - 1 Judges

On the runway, judges Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Tim Gunn were joined by actress Julie Bowen from Modern Family. At first I questioned why she was a guest judge, but her comments were so funny I approved! It brings to light how we really miss Michael Kors, but Nina and Tim did not disappoint with their comments.

The best and worst looks from the runway were from Amanda, Sandhya, Char, Jeffeson, Mitchell and Angela. Everyone seemed love Char’s look, Amanda’s was well liked but perhaps a bit too mainstream, and there was love and hate expressed for Sanddya’s torn edges on her artsy fitted dress. Jefferson, Angela and Mitchell’s looks were ripped apart (no pun intended) by the judges, but Jeffeson‘s amateurish look with (big time) fit and proportion problems sent him home!

Project Runway 13 - 1 Sandhya

Sandhya, “You are the winner of this challenge.”

Project Runway 13 - 1 Char

Char’s Design

Project Runway 13 - 1 Amanda

Amanda’s Design

Project Runway 13 - 1 Angela

Angela’s Design

Project Runway 13 - 1 Mitchell

Mitchell’s Design

Project Runway 13 - 1 Jefferson

Jefferson, “You are out!”

Memorable Quotes:

I got this sort of Grandma fabric that I don’t know what I’m going to do with.  – Char

I’ll be honest, I’m dubious. –Tim Gunn to Sandhya in the workroom

Skin right here? You may have too give your model some grooming assignments… –Tim Gunn to Angela in the workroom

I don’t even have a dress, I just have sleeves. – Sandhya panicking in the workroom

As a human who’s had children … the crop top still makes my mind explode … with fear. –  Julie

I had very little to write … about this outfit. – Nina

The ripped off is a bit like an amorous moment… being interrupted… the prince was just about to about to … errreh! –Julie

I thought this was terrible.  To me this looks super strange. –Heidi

W…T…F… It looks like she’s just wearing some big diaper. –Nina

Instead of calling these slits, I’m going to call these sluts. –Nina

Bringing up the volume doesn’t mean showing skin or being tricked out. –Zac

You don’t think these pants need to come with a gift certificate for a Brazilian? – Tim

I don’t think this would get you in design school. –Zac

It’s basically like a crop top for maternity. –Zac

I thought it was very Geisha-hooker.  – Julie Bown

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– Carol Calacci

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