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August 1, 2014 • Fashion Blog, Health & Fitness

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Like Core Fusion wasn’t hard enough? Get ready to sweat because Core Fusion Extreme (CFX) is coming to an exhale spa near you.  This new addition to the Core Fusion family, is a High Intensity Interval Training class that moves guests through power stations consisting of high intensity work with brief moments of active recovery, including balance, flexibility and stretch exercises.

CFX is an hour of pure power that incorporate gliders, heavy hand weights, a plyo box, core balls, TRX suspension training, cardio explosions and intense core work to push your limits (I’m exhausted just thinking about it). With a balance of restorative stretches at the finish, this functional, time-savvy, expertly tailored class will take you to the extreme.

Core Fusion Extreme was developed by power team Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, co-founders of Core Fusion, and Bergen Wheeler, one of exhale’s most sought after teachers in New York (and one of my personal favorites). Core Fusion Extreme is the 8th member of the Core Fusion family which includes Core Fusion Barre, Barre+Cardio, Cardio, Sport, Yoga, Boot Camp and Cycling. CFX is the only class where sneakers are required.

Bergen Wheeler of exhale

Bergen Wheeler of exhale

This June, CFX launched at the new exhale Flatiron location to rave reviews and sold out classes. Just read this review by Amber Katz of Rouge 18 to get a real picture of what she calls a diabolical, yet addictive workout. Playing off its success in New York, exhale is rolling out the class nationwide and bringing the sweat from coast to coast. I’m addicted to the regular Core Fusion classes and am terrified I may do irreparable damage if I try this, but who knows? I may take the plunge. You know, the next time I’m near the Flatiron location (which is thankfully rarely).

Core Fusion Extreme Roll-out Schedule:

September: exhale Venice
October: exhale Dallas and exhale Midtown Atlanta
November: exhale Avalon (opening November 2014) and exhale Chicago
December: exhale Stamford

January: exhale Boston
February: exhale Central Park South and exhale Upper East Side
March: exhale Downtown Miami and exhale South Beach

To book your spot in Core Fusion Extreme visit exhalespa.com.


– Lauren Dimet Waters

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