Top 10 Fashion Reasons It’s Not Too Bad To Get Old

August 13, 2014 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Top 10 Fashion Reasons It's Not Too Bad To Get Old, Farragamos, Brooches, Chignons

My birthday is approaching, which reminds me to adjust my wardrobe ever so slightly each year I get older. Fashions that were once flattering and appropriate for me are getting moved out to consignment shops for a younger woman to enjoy. Instead of getting depressed since I can no longer wear (and look ridiculous) in certain pieces any longer, I decided to relish in the positive things about growing older – when it comes to fashion.

Top 10 Fashion Reasons It’s Not Too Bad To Get Old

10. You no longer need to worry about unsightly panty lines, because you no longer wear clothes so tight or sheer that you need to worry about unsightly panty lines. (You are also assured no one is looking at your butt anymore, anyway.)

9. You no longer need to worry about bra straps showing because who is going to see your bra straps … under a jacket? (Halters, racerbacks, spaghetti straps… please remind me… what were those?)

8. You can wear a brooch!

7. You don’t have to shop as often because your closet already contains trends from several 17 year cycles, and the bonus is you already know which ones work for you!

6. You never again have to endure the pain (or fear) of walking or falling in 5″ Louboutin platforms.

5. You finally look appropriate in Farragmo’s.

4. When it comes to eveningwear and special occasions, pants are acceptable (appropriate, appreciated and actually applauded!)

3. You can wear a chignon.

2. When you are shopping, you can call the sales associate “Hon” “Dear” or “Darling”  without anyone giving you a second glance.

(And the number one fashion reason it’s not too bad to get old…)

1. When you are shopping, “Hon” “Dear” or “Darling” actually approach you and ask, “MAY I HELP YOU?”

– Carol Calacci

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