Fear of Fashion Week: New York Spring 2015 Collections

September 3, 2014 • Fashion Blog, New York Fashion Week Spring '15

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Each season as I head to New York Fashion Week, I get paranoid. It’s a fashion-induced paranoia combined with a neophobia, I suppose … the fear of the new things. In other words, I’m afraid of what designers will be presenting on the runways and I’ll have to get rid of everything in my closet! Here are my Top 6 Fears of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Collections.

1. Fear of No More Color Blocking. I admit, I was getting sick of it a few seasons ago, but now I truly love the strong graphic look of color blocking and how it can contour the body in flattering ways. Please don’t take away color blocked designs! I like looking like a walking Mondrian painting.

2. Fear of Puce, Mauve and Other Weird Dull Colors. I know Marc Jacobs used muted tones for his fall 2014 collection but only space age models with white makeup look good in muted tones. Or do they?

3. Fear of Legs. I fear I will see long leggy models in super short skirts and really short shorts. This is a leg nightmare because it’s totally cute on them but horribly ugly on me. As my age goes up, the hemlines need to come down!

4. Fear of The Absence of Black. I don’t mind white, and I know it’s spring but the thought of a season without black is … unconscionable.

5. Fear of Solids. My closet is filled with large screen prints and bold watercolor prints (yes, with black). I am not ready to turn my prints in for solids.

6. Fear of Footwear. This phobia is more about the attendees at New York Fashion Week than what I will see on the runway. I fear I will hear the flip-flopping of Birkenstock style flat slides and squeak-squeaking of sneakers. I really do like these footwear trends because of their comfort and practicality, but they seem to dress down the fashion world. Will we look back at them with horror? But my biggest fear is I (secretly) want to wear them! (You see, I saw a pair of Star Wars Vans…)

1. Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2014 RTW

2. Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 RTW

3. Alexander Wang Spring 2014 RTW

4. Altuzarra Spring 2014 RTW

5. Helmut Lang Fall 2014 RTW

6. Birkenstocks and Star Wars Vans Sneakers

–Carol Calacci

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