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November 5, 2014 • Fashion Blog, Health & Fitness

exhale Core Fusion extreme bergen wheeler

Bergen Wheeler came to exhale Chicago to launch Core Fusion Extreme

Core Fusion Extreme could not have come to Chicago at a better time. For me, Halloween marks the beginning of the time of year filled with bad habits, including an improper diet (fun size Snickers bars are on sale) and excuses to cover up (it’s too cold for bare arms and legs!). Soon we are heading into Thanksgiving and holiday party season, so now is the time to get on track and whip yourself back into shape! Get to exhale Chicago because you can try Core Fusion Extreme for free this week!

As you may already know, our editor-in-chief Lauren loves exhale and raves about Core Fusion in New York. When she heard one of her favorite trainers, Bergen Wheeler was coming in from New York to start up her Core Fusion Extreme in Chicago, Lauren said I simply had to go and try the class! She was envious of my opportunity, yet I was a bit worried about what I agreed to do. I was interested in trying the class because I favor circuit training and boot camp-type classes and I actually liked the fact that we need to wear gym shoes for this class. I tried and really liked Core Fusion but I was put through the wringer with co-founder Fred DeVito before, which made me think… do I really want to try an “extreme” version of this? Oh..Oh!

exhale Core Fusion extreme Core-Fusion-Tees

exhale Core Fusion Extreme tees

I went to exhale Chicago to try the class on Monday when they were having a little party to celebrate! Balloons and pink neon colored t-shirts with the words “Core Fusion Extreme” decorated the studio and we were offered healthy snacks (no fun size candy bars) and coconut water, water and other hydrating beverages. The class ahead of us exited right before we went in, and we switched places with red faced (but smiling) women drenched in sweat. I heard several women say “Oh my God” but they made it thorough the class and so could we! (What did I get myself in to?)

exhale Core Fusion extreme Stations

exhale Core Fusion Extreme

exhale Core Fusion extreme Bergen Wheeler Demonstrates

Bergen Wheeler demonstrated every move in detail!

The “hour of power” workout room was set up with stations including mats, gliders, hand weights, risers and TRX suspension equipment. The ridiculously trim, fit and energetic Bergen (we loved her!) explained each of the exercises. She put my mind at ease when she said she would rather see us do fewer reps with full movement and proper form then try to do a bunch of reps improperly. This is where you can (somewhat) go at your own pace. Frankly, I was so concerned about remembering the moves that my fear of getting killed in class subsided. The moves were not as mind challenging as they were body challenging! With Bergen and a few extra Chicago trainers cheering us on and giving us tips on our form, we could not get out of there without getting a fantastic workout! We did pushups, situps, lunges, standing jump ups and more using the equipment along with intervals of yoga-like movements in between. The hour went faster than I thought it would and hearing Bergen’s words during the class, “This will change you…” “Go to that place…” “You can do this…” got me through it!

exhale Core Fusion extreme snacks-and-sips

Healthy snacks and lots of hydration after the classes

exhale Core Fusion extreme Carol Calacci Bergen Wheeler

I made it through the class! Phew!

After it was over and I was thinking “what did I just do?” I realized no muscle on my body was left untouched nor unstretched! Give Core Fusion Extreme a try. You can do this!

Visit exhale Chicago |  945 North State Street Chicago, IL 60610  |  312 753 6500

– Carol Calacci

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