Pilates ProWorks Lincoln Park: Sweat, Sculpt, Train or Tone!

December 17, 2014 • Fashion Blog, Health & Fitness

Pilates ProWorks Lincoln Park

Pilates ProWorks in Lincoln Park provides an incredible work out, and offers many options – you can do it your way, whether you want to sweat, sculpt, train or tone!  I was familiar with with Pilates mat method classes, but I never tried it using a FitFormer™. A friend told me she never saw more improvements in her shape as when she worked out with a Pilates machine. As I age, I am more concerned about toning and sculpting than I am with my size. And with the holidays fast approaching, this  is the time of year to hedge off any laziness regarding fitness. There’s no time to waste!

I took a private session with Pilates ProWorks Fitness Director Jeanine Peters before going into the group classes. One-on-one training is not necessary, but it is extremely useful if you are like me and need a bit of equipment education. At the studio, I was interested in a room with TRX suspension equipment (another workout I never tried!) so Jeanine gave me a split session. We spend a half an hour on the TRX and a half an hour on the FitFormer™ which is their own patented equipment developed by Pilates ProWorks co-founder Oscar Sanin.

Pilates ProWorks Jeanine-Peters

Pilates ProWorks Fitness Director Jeanine Peters

Jeanine walked me though a warm up and several moves on TRX, including lunges, planks and  pushups – of sorts. After getting my balance on some of the moves, TRX was a total core and overall body shredder. It was challenging, yet you can only do what your body can do (as you fight gravity, resistance and your own weight!)

Pilates ProWorks Jeanine-TRX

Jeanine is demonstrating a move that I tried – only it did not look quite like this!

Jeanine Peters Pilates ProWorks TRX-Handstand

I’ll try this move … next time!

Pilates ProWorks, Lincoln Park, Carol Calacci Second City Style

I felt like a “Pro” and this was my first try at FitFormer™ Pilates!

Next Jeanine briefed me on all the parts and functions on the FitFormer™ and also demonstrated (along with me) several Pilates Pro Method moves (great for glutes, abs, arms, legs…I don’t think there was any muscle untouched!)  She is also very patient and understanding and pushed me to where I could go. I got a tremendous workout while having fun! Jeanine is also a stand up comedian, (look for her performing around town) so, of course, she also has a great sense of humor! Some of my core work in the session was from laughter!

Pilates ProWorks, Jeanine Peters, Carol Calacci, Get your ass to class

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About Pilates ProWorks

Pilates ProWorks was founded in 2010 in San Francisco by husband and wife team, Oscar Sanin and Taylor Carter. To avoid undergoing major surgery from injuries Oscar sustained from a serious accident, a doctor recommended he try Pilates first. Oscar was amazed by the strength and improvement that he gained in such a short period of time with Pilates. He also saw things that didn’t work for him. He felt many of the reformers on the market lacked quality and comfort, and the cost of sessions was very cost prohibative. So he worked with industrial designers and fitness consultants to overcome the limitations of the classic reformer to create the FitFormer™. Once he had the right machine, and a contemporary workout to go with it, he opened the first studio in San Francisco.

Pilates ProWorks classes include Pilates Pro Method (using the FitFormer™ Pilates machine), Barre Pro (a combination of ballet barre work and Pilates) and TRX Pro (Suspension training for all fitness levels combined with cardio and mat Pilates), and various combination classes of all of the above!

Pilates ProWorks Lincoln Park   |   2128 N Halsted St Chicago, IL 60614   |  Phone +1 872-829-2801

Call for more information and about private or semi-private sessions! Visit Pilates ProWorks Lincoln Park 

Free Babysitting Special:
Join Pilates ProWorks every Thursday from 9-11am for the entire month of December or January for free babysitting! Book a class between 9-11am on Thursday by calling our 872-829-2801 or signing up online, then email tori@chicagosupersitters.com to confirm your babysitting spot!
Classes will be held at: Pilates ProWorks Lincoln Park, 2128 N Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614
Babysitting will be held at: Camelot Children’s Kingdom, 2203 N Halsted St. Chicago, IL. 60614
24-hour reservation required and space is limited!

– Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style

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