Claire’s Fashion & Beauty Resolutions for 2015

January 9, 2015 • Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Blog

Claire Mykrantz at Hearst Castle

The new year forces you to reassess yourself and evaluate what can be done better. I like to take a lighthearted approach, so without further ado, here are my 2015 goals for beauty, health and fashion.

1. Drink more fruits and vegetables. I have an obsession with making kale chips and own a Magic Nutri-Bullet (Thanks Grandma!). I want to squeeze more nutrition into my day and definitely need to make more healthy, homemade concoctions. Store bought juices are full of sugar and I’d rather eat some dark chocolate instead. I’m a fan of kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon and strawberries – yum!

Tom Ford Ravenous2. Wear lipstick more often. I’m always rushing in the morning and put my makeup on in about sixty seconds flat. I’m a pro at applying defined eyeliner and wear that with mascara, neutral eyeshadow and bronzing powder. I apply various kinds of lip balm during the day, but never use any of the several gorgeous lipsticks I own. It’s time to give my beauty routine a little pick-me-up!

3. Reorganize my jewelry. I know I’ll wear more of my collection if I can easily see it. Sometimes I even forget what I own. Recently, I went on a vintage shopping spree and bought small bowls and dishes (among other things) and put them on a large clear tray. I love how the new display looks and plan to rearrange other areas of my apartment where jewelry is kept. Basically, I live in one big closet!

YSL Muse Chocolate Brown

4. Invest in another bag. My wardrobe and accessory collection is pretty well-rounded by now and I’m not desperately in need of anything. Instead of buying multiple, more inexpensive accessories, I’m going to invest in another (pre-owned) luxury bag. I love my YSL Muse, but think it’s time to purchase another bag – a Givenchy Nightingale, perhaps?

Marvis Jasmine Mint

5. Take better care of my teeth. The past couple years have been full of black coffee and red wine, and neither have been kind to the color of my teeth (gross)! My smile isn’t as white as it could be, and I need to recommit to Whitestrips. At least I’m good about brushing and Marvis toothpaste is amazing!

Claire Mykrantz, Second City Style Fashion News & Finds On A Dime Editor 

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