Luxury Down: Because Apparently You’ll Need It

January 27, 2015 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Trends

If there is one thing I’ve learned these past few winters in New York, it’s even though one storm is wrongly forecasted (yes, Juno) another one more severe could creep up right behind. Call it “crying wolf” or “Chicken Little” either way, you need to be prepared. After years of trying to convince yourself that cheap down coat is just for walking the dog or running to the gym – you find yourself wearing it more than you expected, right? Or is that just me? Truth is, the more expensive, luxurious down coats are usually made with better down and keep you warmer. I finally ponied up for a good down coat, and so should you. You deserve to be warm. Apparently winter is far from over.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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