P.R.E.P. – A New Beauty Line That Sheds Light on Sun Damage

February 5, 2015 • Beauty, Fashion Blog


So what if P.R.E.P. is marketed “Exclusively for Girls?” I’m a girl right? OK, I know I’m an aging one, but I have been using some of their products anyway (hell, I still use some baby products). P.R.E.P. (which stands for Powerful, Real, Everyday, Protection) is a brand new dermatologist-developed line of skincare products that are entirely plant and mineral based, free of petroleum and parabens, and loaded with natural antioxidants. Did you know that a significant percentage of lasting sun damage occurs before the age of 18? That’s why this line was developed, but you will want to steal some of these products from your daughter.

There are no harsh chemicals or animal testing, so everyday use is encouraged without the concerns of breakouts or an adverse reaction. P.R.E.P. contains 25-50% less ingredients than the top sunscreen brands and has made it a mission to formulate with the minimum number of ingredients to ensure products are as pure, organic-feeling and  effective as possible. Active ingredients include; Zinc Oxide, Jojoba oil, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

The three (initial) products from P.R.E.P. are

1. Purifying Daily Cleanser ($12.50) –  a hypoallergenic facial cleanser formulated to create a light lather that gently lifts away dirt and oils, leaving skin residue-free and lightly moisturized. The cleanser does not irritate or cause breakouts, and smells wonderful. (OK, I admit I smelled it and gave it to my niece since she is younger and my aging skin can’t take this, however she reports back she loves it).

2. Face + Body Lotion ($18.50) – this SPF 30 face + body lotion is a nourishing, hydrating, silky smooth lotion made for all skin types. Made with the best, naturally sourced mineral sunscreen – zinc oxide is the safest and most effective sunscreen filter, defending your skin from both UVA and UVB radiation. I kept this. I wear SPF every single day. I love the light scent and it goes on very light.

3. Lip Gloss ($7.50) – I admit I don’t normally wear SPF lip gloss or balm because I usually hate the way it tastes. This SPF 15 lip gloss has a sheer, subtle, light pink tint and a hint of mint taste that doesn’t make me gag. I wear it over my lipstick, and now use it as my daily gloss…since I’m addicted to gloss and it has added protection I really need year round.

Coming soon, P.R.E.P. Cosmetics will introduce a body wash, a lip gloss collection, nighttime moisturizer, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, anti-blemish spot treatment, and a SPF 30 sunscreen stick…so stay tuned.

P.R.E.P. products are available here.


– Lauren Dimet Waters

Samples provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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