Fear of Fashion Week: Hopes and Prayers for New York Fall 2015 Collections

February 10, 2015 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Fall '15

New York Fashion Week Fall

Each season, as New York Fashion Week draws near, I become overwhelmed with Fashion Week anxiety. This year I hope some of my prayers will be answered. Some of my pleas are directed to the designers, many at the attendees and some simply involve acts of nature.


Which brings me to my first fear: the fear of bad weather which can only mean bad shoes. Fashionable and appropriate footwear that wears well in the snow simply does not exist. I don’t believe in functional fashion. I hate Hunter Boots. I pray it doesn’t snow and if it does I can only hope the snow is so high that my feet will be covered. On the flip side, I also don’t want to catch a fashionista tripping, slipping or sliding to the ground in front of me because she had to wear impractical high heels. February fashion week is a lose-lose for shoes.

Navy Moto jacket

Next, I beg a few thing of the designers. For one, please, nix the navy. Stop it because it will never replace black. While shopping the fall ’14 designer clearance sales online, I was attracted to many black coats, sweaters, shoes and handbags, which upon a second click and closer inspection – ack – were actually navy! Nobody, but nobody needs a pair of navy pants – or shoes! Come on. Please designers, no more navy fashion. These pieces were on clearance don’t forget.

Carol Calacci no clear trends

I also have a fear of seeing nothing really new in trends. Please, designers, show some definite trends because with so many carried over from season to season they are becoming a blur. People always ask me what is new at fashion week, and I want to actually be able to respond. Please give us some clear cut and practical trends! (No the deep V to the navel didn’t cut it cut it – no pun – last season because no one could wear it with the exception of runway models and if you put a top under it you will look like Captain Kirk.) I digress.

Front-row Fashion Week, Fear of Fashion Week, Selfie Stick

As for attendees, I beg of you, please, I do not want to see unknown reality TV personalities in the front row (“Who is she?”), Birkenstocks (yes, someone will have them on) nor a Selfie Stick at at runway shows or presentations. No joke – I saw a phone on a retractable selfie stick intermittently blocking my view last season – in use by a woman in the front row, no less!

All this aside, I look forward to New York Fashion Week Fall 2015!

– Carol Calacci

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