Fashion Police: Is The End Finally Here?

March 3, 2015 • Fashion Blog, Television

The New Fashion Police

The New Fashion Police


I miss George, I miss Joan…and apparently I’m not alone!

If you have watched Fashion Police since Joan Rivers passed away (I have only managed to get through one whole episode) you will soon notice it’s just not the same. Not by a long shot. In fact, it’s sad. I love Kathy Griffin‘s humor/stand-up, but she is just not cut out for this job. She ain’t Joan. Both Giuliana and Kelly seem dead and as much as I adore Brad Goreski, I miss George Kotsiopoulos more. Most of all I miss the reporte and Joan’s acerbic and sharp tongue.

Since I have not been watching the show, I had no idea Kelly Osbourne had quit a few days ago. Not until I read a tidbit in today’s New York Post by Cindy Adams;

“The icky factor’s also hit “Fashion Police.” Kathy Griffin — talented, able — made a grab for the job while Joan lay on life support. I know. I was right there in her hospital room holding my forever friend’s hand.

However, Griffin and an E! spokesperson have denied it. Nobody will confirm this, so don’t try. Everybody’s smiles are so tight they don’t need Botox, but take my word. Kathy actually bitched to Melissa: “They won’t give me Joan’s money.” Happens Joan didn’t get Joan’s money the first years either.

Minus Joan’s strength and power, the show’s a battleground. Kelly Osbourne quit. Too many fights. Kathy Griffin, whose contract is not forever, wants Melissa Rivers gone. “Fashion Police” may soon no longer be in fashion.”

Fashion Police When It Was Watchable

Fashion Police When It Was Watchable

So of course I had to find out why Kelly quit. It’s easy to understand she was torn up about the death of Joan (as was I). She was said to have been unhappy with the way the show was produced after the death of Joan Rivers. Yet, it was a comment made by Guiliana Rancic about pop star Zendaya Coleman’s hair (something about her dreadlocks probably smelling of “weed” and “patchouli.”) on an episode I obviously didn’t watch – that was the final straw. Whatever, Kelly had one foot out the door a long time ago. I would have. This ship is sinking.

Make no doubt about it, E!’s “Fashion Police” is on life support. I’m not surprised. I’m not watching. Who is?

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: E! and The NY Post

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