Cool On Culottes

March 4, 2015 • Fashion Blog, Shopping, Trends

I’ll admit I was not really on board with the culotte trend last season, but I’m warming up to it. Frankly, I’m warming up to anything that rings of spring and warmer temperatures at this point. As I look outside at the slush all around me, I long for days where I can wear breezy pants, that look like a skirt and go with everything from heels to flats. “Culotte” is a word I never thought would roll off my lips again. Heck I laugh at the pictures of me wearing them as a little girl in the 70’s. But as we know, all things 70’s are cool again. It’s time to embrace it. So don’t laugh when you see me wearing a pair of denim culottes. I really want a pair.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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