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March 12, 2015 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

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Chances that if you’re reading this blog, you have plenty of clothes and accessories. And maybe some of you are the type to have a coordinated wardrobe system already. However, there are plenty more women who need some extra help. Ladies, this post is for you.

So without further adieu, here are our favorite fashion organization apps:

StyleBook – This app is considered a closet manager – and it reminds us of Cher’s amazing closet from Clueless (you know you coveted that from the instant you first saw it in the movie). This is as close to that as you can get on a smartphone,

Closet – One of the most unique things about this app is that it lets you track the value and cost per wear for each item, so you can use it to get the most bang for your fashion buck. It also has a useful packing list feature that’s great for frequent flyers – it will help keep you from forgetting anything – and least in regard to your outfits.

Polyvore – While this isn’t necessarily a closet organization app per se, it is useful for that purpose. You can create sets of capsule wardrobes if you’re into that kind of thing, or you can make sets of one outfit each when you come up with an ensemble that you especially like.

Cloth – Popular with fashion bloggers or fashionable social media users because you can easily upload your outfit pics to social media, this app has a couple uniquely helpful characteristics, such as the ability to suggest outfits that are ideal for your local weather conditions. You can also tag outfits by style, color scheme, season, or anything else you want, making it a simple way to categorize your closet.

Pose – This app combines closet organization, social sharing, and ecommerce – think of it as a crowdsourced way to get your wardrobe together (plus shop for new pieces at the same time). Plus there is a great community to draw inspiration from.

We’ve all had moments where we organize our closets and forget we even owned a given item, or looked in our (perhaps overstuffed) closets and thought “I have nothing to wear!” But your smartphone or tablet wants to help you!

– Jacqueline Zenn

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