Selfie Shoes? Are You Fooling?

April 1, 2015 • Bad Judgement, Fashion Blog

Selfie Shoes by Miz Mooz

When I saw a press release on Selfie Shoes yesterday, I was aghast. I considered writing a post slamming the shoes, but really did not want to give them any attention. Today, I realized these shoes must be an April Fools Day joke, and now I applaud the humor, and think this may be one of the best fashion social media jokes to date! (What’s the hash tag?) In case you were wondering, the press release states: “These innovative shoes enable you to take hands-free selfies by inserting your phone into a docking port on the shoe and taking a photo by tapping the inside sensor with your toe.”

Selfie Shoes In operation

So whether or not these are a joke, here are my top 10 problems with Selfie Shoes.

1. It takes Selfies.

2. You must wear pants or leggings when wearing these shoes, or put on a show if you’re wearing a skirt. Woo!

3. You need to be a gymnast, ballerina or contortionist in order to get a good selfie.

4. If more than two people want the Selfie on their phone, you are out of luck. (Quickly envision a woman using both shoes at once.)

5. Someone may step on your phone.

6. You must always sit down when taking a Selfie (wherever you are) unless you are a gymnast, ballerina or contortionist.

7. You can DIY. Just find a pair of old elongated square toe 1990s shoes in your closet, chop off the toes, and make yourself a pair. Shove a phone in there.

8. You may get Athlete’s Phone.

9. Smart phones are getting bigger, right? Picture the shoe in years to come…

10. They ain’t pretty.

Pre-orders for Selfie Shoes by Miz Mooz, $199 are available tomorrow, April 2, 2015. I still hope they’re joking!

– Carol Calacci


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