Get Flawless Results With the Rotating blendSMART Brush by Doll 10!

May 20, 2015 • Beauty, Fashion Blog


Does makeup application allude you? Do you look at the brush selection at Sephora and want to scream in a state of panic? Beginners and professionals alike are loving the Doll 10 blendSMART™ Brush to perfect their makeup routine and achieve infallible results! The blendSMART Brush is both and ergonomically designed. It actually rotates 360 degrees, delivering 190 revolutions per minute while offering maximum comfort and control for even, natural-looking coverage.

The blendSMART Brush is not only easy to use and provides a flawless finish, it blends so well…it saves you money because you will find you are using less makeup. It can be used with liquid foundation and/or powder – now that’s smart. It’s actually a really great all-in-one tool to keep in your beauty arsenal.

How to Use:

  • Start with a small amount of product, half of your typical use is recommended. For liquid makeup, use your finger to apply directly to the face. For powder makeup, make sure your brush is “off” as you dab your brush directly into your makeup.
  • Tap off any excess products and apply to your face
  • Turn the brush “on” so the brush head starts to spin. Hold the brush steadily by the handle and simply glide it across your face, avoiding your hair and eye area.
  • Move your brush slowly side-to-side and up-and-down while applying light pressure until your makeup is blended as desired
  • For best results, do not apply in a circular motion.. Let the brush do the work for you!

Be sure to watch the How-To Video to learn how to get dolled up with the blendSMART Brush.

Doll 10 Rotating blendSMART™ Brush, $59.98

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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