Swimsuit Summer ’15 Trend: Scuba and Wetsuits

May 20, 2015 • Fashion Blog, Trends

Surf’s Up, Hang 10 and catch some “tasty waves”! Who would ever have guessed a hot swimwear trend for Summer ’15 would be scuba and wetsuit inspired bathing suits? Not only are they oddly sexy, they keep you covered and protected from the sun’s harmful rays. I imagine if they remade Baywatch (which will probably happen since there are few original and only reality shows left anymore) the babes would be wearing these as they run across the beach into the waves to save people. Scuba and wetsuits are sort of androgynously (is that even a word?) hot and I am sure you will see some poolside as well. Here are some to consider.

Tomorrow, coverups! Stay tuned…

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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