Today’s Fashion Headlines: Pursuits Magazine Relaunches, Handbag Sales Cooling Off, Google’s Smart Fabrics

June 1, 2015 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News

Pursuits Magazine

Pursuits Magazine Relaunches

Bloomberg’s Pursuits Magazine relaunched last week under editor in chief Emma Rosenblum. Her first issue was sent to Bloomberg subscribers on Thursday and features tennis star Maria Sharapova on the cover. “I like putting people on covers, real people. I think it brings the reader in. We wanted something that felt summery and pretty, and light and fun,” Rosenblum said. The quarterly magazine currently has a rate base of 375,000 copies and hopes to expand this year.

Handbag Sales Cooling Off

Currently, women’s love affair with go-everywhere totes and bags is beginning to decline, according to industry insiders and new sales figures. Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Coach have all reported slower sales gains this past quarter. “There’s been a glut in the handbag space for a year now, especially in the $200-to-$400 price range, which is the sweet spot for a lot of names,” said Maxim Group analyst Rick Snyder.

“It’s not clear whether people are spending their money on other things or if this category is getting tired,” added Nomura analyst Simeon Siegel. While this situation is painful for brands, it’s helpful for consumers looking to get a bargain. Mid-range bags are constantly being marked down. However, for high-end designers, this shouldn’t be a huge problem. Industry insiders don’t see a major change with the super rich shelling out $4k for a new Chanel bag.

Google’s Smart Fabrics

Google has announced it’s developing a new “smart fabric” technology that will make shirts, pants and other articles of clothing responsive to swipes and taps the same way touch screens are. The clothing would then communicate with laptops and phones – or some insiders predict they could replace them altogether. The new technology will be released to developers later this year. Google has dubbed the initiative “Project Jacquard.”

– Claire Mykrantz

Source: NY Post, WWD

Image: WWD via Bloomberg

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