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June 2, 2015 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

Olfactive-Sudio- cover

The same way you are moved visually by a photograph you can (snap!) capture a moment or rekindle a memory from a fragrance. Olfactive Studio is an encounter between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery. Perfumers teamed up with photographers to draw inspiration and produce unforgettable images and fragrances.

Olfactive Studio designed an olfactory world with a powerful and distinctive personality for all genders. Talented perfumers and photographers have created seven distinct fragrances including Autoportrait, Chambre Noire, Still Life (2011), Lumière Blanche (2012), Flashback (2013), Ombre Indigo (2014) and the newest for 2015 Panorama. The entire collection of French eau de parfumes has recently launched at Barneys New York and is available online.

Olfactive-Studio panorama_Photo

Panorama Photo: Clement Gavarry Perfumer: Miguel Sandinha

Olfactive-Studio Panorama Bottle

Olfactive Studio Panorama Packaging

I have sampled these fragrances and each is so very unique that you really must try them the next time you visit Barneys. The bottles are retro camera shaped clear glass slab rectangles, with each fragrance in a different colored hue to blend with the frame-worthy photo included in each box. The bottle cap which look like camera lenses even  has adjustment markings, and the name of each fragrance is printed on a piece of masking tape, similar to the way a photographer may slap a label on a film developing can – the old fashioned way. But the look is totally modern. The photographs are as interesting and as the fragrances and tell their own story. Choosing one for either the photo or a note in its fragrance makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

All of the perfumers have a great deal of experience and designed well-know luxury fragrances. For example, for Panorama by photographer Clement Gavarry, perfumer Miguel Sandinha had produced the fragrances Giorgio Armani Armani Code, Prada Amber for Women and Tom Ford Black Violet.

Olfactive-Studio - Chambre

Chambre Noire Photo: Clémence René-Bazin and Perfumer: Dorothée Piot

Olfactive-Studio- Chambre-Noire-My-Favorite

Chambre Noire

Chambre Noire is one of my personal favorites with notes of Patchouli, Leather and Plum (Burgundy Wine note). Perfumer Dorothée Piot produced Amouage Memior and by Kilion Criminal of Love.

Olfactive-Studios-CandlesOlfactio Studio candles are also available to capture that photographer’s moment and bring fragrance your entire home.

Shop Barneys New York and visit Olfacto Studio

– Carol Calacci

Photos: Olfactive Studio

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