Today’s Fashion Headlines: Styloko Launches WantList, Clothes Made of Plastic, Pinterest’s Buying Power

June 12, 2015 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News

Styloko, WantList

Styloko’s WantList is Tinder For Fashion

London-based fashion discovery app WantList wants to change the way people shop for clothes online. WantList, the app version of London-based, uses the well-known “Tinder-like swipe right” gesture to help people narrow down what they’re looking for in a directory of more than one million products. Details such as what items people click on, how long they spend looking at them, where they click next and preferences for certain cuts, colors and patterns are all collected, with what the site recommends becoming more accurate the more people browse. Once a user registers an account the app and or website only need three pieces of data to start creating a personalized profile.

The new WantList app works in a similar way to Tinder – swipe right if you like something, swipe left if you don’t. All items can also be compared with more and less expensive versions, which the app defines as “Luxe or Less.” The app is out now available for iPhone and iPad with a companion app also available for Apple Watch. An Android version is coming later this year.

If Your Clothes Aren’t Already Made Out of Plastic, They Will Be

Today, polyester is no longer the ugly, uncomfortable material of awful 1970s double-knit leisure suits, the kind that necessitated a marketing campaign to rehabilitate the fabric’s image. Today polyester is easy to miss unless you check fabric tags rigorously. It’s already ubiquitous in our most basic garments, such as t-shirts, dresses, and jeans, while calling almost no attention to itself, and that’s the point. It has become essentially invisible, even as it rapidly takes over our wardrobes. Because polyester is inexpensive, easy to blend with other materials, remarkably improved in its look and feel, and no worse for the environment than conventionally grown cotton, it has allowed us to keep churning out more and more cheap clothes.

How Pinterest’s Buy Buttons Can Change e-Commerce

Will buyable pins turn Pinterest into the web’s new shopping mecca? That’s the question marketing and e-commerce professionals need to answer now that Pinterest has announced it will soon offer “Buy” buttons to let users buy products directly within its app. And while there are plenty of reasons to think that buyable pins could turn the platform into an e-commerce powerhouse, it stands a greater chance of succeeding if it adopts key features offered by other online retailers and search engines, such as Amazon, and adapts them to the unique habits of the Pinterest community.

Moving purchasers more quickly from pin to purchase is one way buyable pins could also help brands boost sales. While half of Pinterest-driven purchases are made within one week of pinning, only 10% are made within 24 hours. Since about a third of Pinterest purchasers buy items they hadn’t previously contemplated, this suggests there is a big opportunity to increase impulse buying through the platform.

– Selicia A. Walker

Source & Photo: Business of Fashion

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