Beauty Problem Solved: Swoon Beauty Gets The Gloss Out

July 14, 2015 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

Swoon Beauty


This product goes under the (smack your forehead) “why didn’t I think of this?” beauty category. As Plato famously said “necessity is the mother of invention” and we have all gotten nearly to the bottom of our favorite lip gloss color and thought, “why can’t this stupid applicator get the rest of this gloss out?” I’ll admit I have even tried using a Q-tip to usually no avail. Then I toss the gloss in the trash ticked off I just threw a few dollars of product away. Argh.

Well leave it to someone else to come up with the answer. In the spring of 2012, Swoon Beauty founder Keisha Wright was vacationing out of the country when she found herself in the midst of a beauty emergency –  she couldn’t reach the last of her favorite lip gloss. She couldn’t just run out an buy a new one either. Swoon Beauty was then born, with the creation of the brand’s first product, The Universal Lip Gloss Scoop & Applicator, which is part scoop and part applicator designed to get every last molecule of lip gloss out of that damn tube. It features an extra long neck to reach every side, corner and bottom of any and every lip gloss tube. Brilliant right? #glamgirlproblems are now solved!

Swoon Universal Lip Gloss Scoop & Applicator, $12

– Lauren Dimet Waters


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