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October 12, 2010 • Fashion


Bonnie Brown for Second City Style Magazine

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month! While the events throughout the month are mainly to increase awareness and raise money for charities conducting research on prevention and a cure, along with support for those affected by the disease, October is also a month to educate and empower women. And what better way to empower than to celebrate the bosom, bust, chest, ta-tas, chi-chis, (and any other pseudonym there is for breasts) this month as well. The female form would certainly not be the same without these lovely appendages and neither would fashion, believe it or not.

Breasts have long been influencers in the fashion industry. During the 1920s the flapper attempted to minimize her curves by binding her breasts, creating a smooth, straight, almost boyish silhouette. In the 1990’s Madonna encouraged women to vogue and wear conical shaped brassieres peeking out from beneath blazers with the designing genius of Jean-Paul Gaultier. But the fashion era which truly celebrated displaying the bosom was the Regency period. Certainly this era brings to mind Jane Austen and the image of her heroines dressed in empire style dresses made of demure white and billowy fabrics. While the idea that the era was comprised of prim and proper ladies, that ideology is not completely true.

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