Giveaway Time! My New Beauty Obsession: The InStyler

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January 4, 2011 • Beauty, Yahoo


When I first saw the infomercial for The InStyler rotating flat iron a year or so ago I was intrigued, but thought there is no way it could work and just wrote it off without another thought. I had all but given up on wearing my naturally curly hair straight except for the occasional blowout (when I actually have a few extra minutes to myself). Ever since having my son a year and a half ago, I'm lucky enough just to wash my hair. Sure I used to blowdry and then flat iron my hair once in a while, but it never looked as good as a professional blowout and now, I just don't have an hour to spare to mess with my hair. Besides, the whole process just leaves my hair looking fried. And blowouts? At $40 per pop (not to mention a tip) it adds up!

My interest was recently sparked again when I was checking out celebrity stylist Robert Verdi's Holiday Giftguide. If he suggests something it has to be good so now I really wanted to give this baby a try. Mind you, I was a little apprehensive since the last time I tried a flatiron given to me. I still cry when I think about what the Remington Wet2Straight iron did to my hair (resulting in a trim of 3 inches mere weeks after having cut my hair!). The word 'fiasco' doesn't even begin to describe it.

So I managed to get my hands on one and as it turned out I had a holiday party to attend the same evening it arrived. As soon as I ripped open the package containing my new InStyler I read all of the material and watched the DVD. There was no way I was going to try this on my hair before feeling 100% comfortable I knew what I was doing.

Lauren Dimet Waters with her normal curly hair (left) and her hair InStyle'd (right)

The device made by Tré Milano is the first-ever, rotating hot iron. The InStyler easily allows you to style your hair like a pro. It claims you can straighten your locks, curl your tresses and do everything in between. Created by esteemed hair stylists, Bruno Meglio and Claudio Marino and design engineer Michael Ragosta, this device is supposed to work with just a few easy steps.

The InStyler is a multipurpose styling tool,designed to offer maximum styling benefits without the difficulty of managing a blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron or big round brush. Plus, The InStyler gets hair ready in a fraction of the time of other styling tools and allows you to achieve many looks with just one hair appliance. With this one convenient tool you can:
•    Straighten hair without flattening it
•    Create soft curls
•    Flip ends in or out to finish a look
•    Enhance volume and body at the root
•    Quickly style from damp to dry without damaging hair

Simply run The InStyler through your hair, allowing the first set of bristles to gently sort and separate the individual strands. Next, the rotating, heated cylinder gently glides over your hair, smoothing, polishing and straightening. Finally, the second set of bristles finishes the hair leaving it shiny and smooth. 

So armed with this information I felt I was ready to give it a try. Worst case, I could always pull my hair back into a chic bun. My hair was already completely air-dried and curly so I set the heat to the maximum heat setting and divided my hair into sections. I was totally shocked and giddy when I saw my hair straightening before my very eyes with little effort. I was able to get my hair party ready in 10 minutes! Not only that, it was shiny and looked as good as my expensive blowouts! I truly had tears in my eyes…The InStyler I am convinced has changed my life! Between my iPad and The InStyler…my holidays were made!

THE INSTYLER, $119 is available at

Giveaway Time!

Since I am so enamoured with The InStyler we are lucky enough to be able to give two (2) away to two women who are dying to try this life-changing styling tool. What do you have to do? Simply tell us why you deserve The InStyler (tales of hair woe help influence us) as a comment to this post. Please make sure to leave us your email address and enter only once. We will pick the winners on Tuesday, January 11 at 5pm EST and send you an email if you have won.

Good Luck!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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81 Responses to Giveaway Time! My New Beauty Obsession: The InStyler

  1. I deserve The InStyler because it’s a brand new year and I’ve had my hair the exact same for the last 30 years (one length, stick straight, parted down in middle). I need a change. I need a change right now. I mean, it’s now or never. I choose now 😉 xoxo
    Angie (
    ps: Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Katie says:

    I believe I deserve the InStyler because I would love to make my boring straight hair look fun and fabulous! The InStyler would add volume to my hair when I want to keep it straight, and it would give me beautiful curls when I wanted them. I have yet to find a curling iron or curlers that will make my hair look amazing! I have seen the InStyler on TV and the effects it has on different types of hair is so fantastic! I would love to have the opportunity to own one of these 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    I would love to try the InStyler on my naturally curly hair. It takes a long time to blow dry my hair straight and flat iron it and since the results aren’t usually worth the effort, I only do it for special occasions. I would appreciate using this device on my hair for job interviews so I can present a more professional appearance and tame the unruly curls!

  4. Mallory Parks says:

    I think I deserve the instyler because I was born with naturally curly hair and the straightener I have now doesn’t work on my hair it just flattens my hair and it doesn’t even do the job. So I hope I win the instyler because it is the best hair straightener in the world.

  5. Laurissa Hutsko says:

    Ever since I saw the ad for the InStyler a year or so ago, I’ve been dying to try it. I have always wanted to curl my hair and try different things with my hair, but im totally helpeless when it comes to curling irons and curlers and stuff of the sort. The InStyler makes all that stuff look so simple and easy to do. But unfortunately, it’s too expensive for someone like myself to buy on their own. I’ve been checking out cheaper ways to get one lately, and it seems like this giveaway is a sign that I might finally get one! I would love it if I won. I have my first ever job interview coming up next week, and I know that the InStyler will help me to look FABULOUS for it. 🙂

  6. GD Blogger says:

    I deserve the InStyler because I have long curly hair and I cannot give myself a decent blowout to save my life! I can’t always afford to spend money for a salon blowout, and I think my hair looks very professional for work and interviews when blown out!
    gdblogger1 at gmail dot com

  7. karen paschkes says:

    i’m going to play the baby card. lol. my hair is already starting to fall out since i had the baby 5 weeks ago, and it’s on its way to looking hideous. i already had thin hair that is half curly/half straight, so i REALLY need help now.

  8. Richard Peterson says:

    My girlfriend likes my hair long but I need an iron to make it look good!!

  9. Nichole Patrick says:

    Oh where to start… My hair has natural curl, but not the beautiful kind but the “it can’t make up it’s mind” kind. Some days it’s wavy, some days its almost kinky, then some days I wonder where my curl went…. The most indecisive head of hair ever!

  10. Kimberly says:

    If you can see my hair you’d probably just give it to me already! LOL. I have such wild, all-over-the place hair and I like to wear it straight of course because “all women want what they cant have”. It takes me approx an hour each morning to just straighten my hair…if I won this I can have some extra beaty sleep! and god knows I need that too!!!

  11. Lisa says:

    I need this product because I’ve failed with a blow dryer & my hair is getting fried with my old flat iron. When I style my hair, it’s like I have two left hands. I’m totally uncoordinatd and just end up looking like a wreck. I would really love this product to produce professional results that look beautiful! I am re-entering the job market after being a SAHM for 10 years & this product would really boost my confidence. Thanks for hosting.

  12. venus says:

    I would love to win this for my mom who deserves this because she is awesome. It would be a great help to her because she is having a tough time with her arthiritis, this would definitely help her.
    Thanks for the awesome contest.

  13. V. Mayer says:

    I’d love to win the Instyler, for one reason, because I can’t fathom ever being able to afford one, and two, so that I and my teenaged daughter could share it! Thanks-

  14. Erica H says:

    I deserve this because as a mom of an infant I am too broke to go to the salon & I think this would help out my “mommy hair”!
    Erica H

  15. Kathleen says:

    I deserve to win an instyler because my hair is long, thick, unruly and I can’t ever seem to do anything with it. This would be PERFECT!
    kport207 at gmail dot com

  16. Adrienne gordon says:

    I deserve it because my daughter has unruly, crazy, curly hair and it needs taming.

  17. Margaret Smith says:

    I have curly and wild hair and could really use this to help straigten and tame it. I’ve been really wanting a instyler for awhile now and this would be wonderful.
    Thanks so much.

  18. adrian says:

    This would be great to win bc it looks like it would save a lot of time getting ready in the morning. Thanks for the chance!

  19. Oh boy…Do I ever need one of these! Not to mention, I have been drooling over them since they were released! I have been pregnant now for almost 2 straight years now. I am finally having the 2nd baby on Jan. 14th. These back to back pregnancies have NOT been kind to my hair! Not to mention, it’s hard to find time to do anything to make myself look and feel like a woman with the demands of taking care of kids, a household, and a hubby. I usually end up putting my hair back in a ponytail or a messy bun. But I would LOVE to have an option to quickly and effectively make my mommy self appear more polished and pretty! Thanks for the chance!

  20. Rebecca Graham says:

    I definitely need this. I have a bad hair day everyday. This would help.

  21. Kathy says:

    I need this today because I am having a very “Bad Hair” day and I have to go away tonight UGh

  22. McKim says:

    I want to win this for my daughter. She has had very long hair all her life, and just recently at 21 has cut it to shoulder length. She is having a hard time figuring out how to style it. I think this would be a great help to her.

  23. Sue E says:

    I need The InStyler because my hairstyle is the same as when I was in high school many moons ago, just shoulder length instead of to my waist. I never do anything with it, just wash and let it dry. That was OK when I was a teenager, but I need a more mature look. The InStyler looks simple enough for someone like me to use who has no experience with hair styling. Thanks for the chance!

  24. I need this badly. I have the frizziest hair ever. I have a picture from the 1990s where my hair is actually about a foot wider than my body and shoulders…. now that’s some frizz that needs to be tamed.
    roblyn66 at yahoo dot com

  25. Lynn Haskell says:

    I too have been intrigued by the instyler… Since I turned 50 my hormones are chaotic, (although the saying goes 50s is the new 30) I would love a change and help from the in styler. Look alot of women I havent changed my hair in quite a while.. Price we pay when we are Moms… My girls would love this too!

  26. Kathy Luman says:

    I deserve one because I finally let my hair grow out. It is about 5 inches past my shoulders and I need something to style it with. I would love to have one of these styling tools. I bet my hair would look great after using it. Right now it isn’t very pretty but with a new tool it would great I’m sure.

  27. i deserve instyler for two reasons:
    1) i have waist-long, thick, poofy, curly, wavy hair. I love it, but its always getting tangled- i spend more time de-tangling my hair in the shower than actually takin a shower. So sometimes I’d like to wear it straight, tangle-free, and conserve water.
    2) my previous straightener stopped working 6months ago (my hair wore it out!) and i cant afford a new one.
    Please help me?

  28. CHEERZ says:

    Bad hair days seem to be the norm for me anymore. I used to be the girl with the perfect hair….now I am beginning to look like Little Orphan Annie. Nothing seemingly is working on my frizzy and dry hair. When I saw the commercial for the in-styler I thought that was a new revolutionary hair appliance. I wanted it, I needed it, and to this day I still drool over the commercials. With the economy still being down we are not spending money on anything other then neccessities. Help me be the girl with the perfect hair again. The right tools can make all the difference.

  29. amber gi says:

    hair woe? well, my hair just sucks. that’s all.
    as i have gotten older it has gotten thinner(whilst I have gotten thicker) and it is straight at my roots and curly/frizzy at the ends. I either have to scrunch and dry forever or flat iron for ages. so i usually wear it in a clip.
    woe, woe, woe is me. ( i had great hair in my late teens and twenties though, so at least i have that.) plus i am broke, the hedgehog bit me and there was a dead frog under the treadmill.
    i just threw the other woes in for good measure, true though.
    i feel really bad about the frog.and my hair. and that i am on my 3rd piece of pecan pie with no pecans. yeah, i know, but it is really good.
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  30. denise says:

    The year of 2010 was a bad hair year for me. It seems as if my hair has gotten frizzier and drier and very Little Orphen Annie looking. I was always the girl in the office with the perfect hair…now I am the filr with the wild hair. My best friend even sent me a gift ceertificate to our local salon. I think she is trying to drop me a hint? I just finished some classes at the end of December and I plan to start job hunting sometime in February. I have been drooling over every commercial I see for the In-Styler. The reviews have been off the charts…..people seemingly believe this is the best hair appliance they have ever owned. With a new hair cut from my gift card and the In-Styler…I could walk confidentally into my interview, get hired and be the girl in the office with the perfect hair once again.

  31. 216amyc says:

    I deserve the Instyler because my thick, wavy, unruly long hair refuses to do anything!! So, normally I put it up in a ponytail or a bun. I would love to be able to have nice, shiny straight hair!

  32. addrienne mertens says:

    i got frizz in the summer and flat static in the winter..i need help combating this please! thanx
    my friend has one of these and i tried worked great.

  33. Lisa4Christ says:

    I have thick curly (FRIZZY) hair and am not very good at styling it. I need all the help I can get with it!
    lafittelady at

  34. Courtney says:

    I need this because my hair is a mess. It is a frizzy ball of hay! I lways end up just pulling it back because I get so frustrated. It would be nice to have something that would work on it.

  35. cathy miller / rewcath says:

    Oh my, where to start my curly frizzy hair has been the bane of my existence for my entire life. I would love to try this product and for once have smooth nonfrizzy hair. I dreamt they would make a product like this way back in high school. I’m too late for the prom now but I’d love to rock some sexy hair.

  36. Sarah Hirsch says:

    For my entire life, I’ve longed for hair that makes people say Whoa baby! Instead, I have hair that is a source of woe, baby. These whirly twirly curls sprout from my head like Medusa’s snakes, only I can’t figure out the reason I have been cursed! I wish that I had the hair of a celebrity – and NOT Sammy Hagar or Dee Snider. I wish my hair didn’t block the view of entire rows at the movie theater. I wish getting it straightened didn’t involve a more complicated set of tools than Bob Vila’s home renovation. But wait…perhaps with the InStyler it doesn’t! I really would love to try the InStyler and put it to the test on my wild, unruly mane. If this could even cut the length of time it takes me to straighten my hair by let’s say half (let alone the mere ten minutes it took you), then I would be much more willing to straighten my hair on a regular basis and go forth into the world like the hot mama that I am destined to be, and no longer be such a source of embarrassment to my children. Farewell, poufball ponytail, there’s a sleek and chic new ‘do in my future. My family thanks you in advance! 🙂

  37. Claire says:

    I deserve the InStyler because I was cursed at birth with thick, frizzy, positively unruly hair. My mother, since she is of the straight-and-fine persuasion, had no idea what to do with it when I was a child so it’s been a long battle to figure out how to tame it. I have managed to make it look less like a tumbleweed and more like something that was maybe hair, once. Many a battle has been fought with flat irons; my hair has always emerged the victor.
    But I’ve seen the miracles the InStyler is capable of — a friend of mine with even unrulier hair (I didn’t think it was possible, either) owns it and now whenever she walks in the room I am left staring in awe at her gorgeous locks. Please, pick me so I can be like her one day!

  38. Tammy Greer says:

    I deserve a free instyler, because; I have tried everything out there to try and change my hair. My hair is STRAIGHT! I have tried curling irons, hot rollers, and the hot irons are no help. I tried a flat iron and it totally burned my hair.
    I hate my hair so much that i sometimes wear a hat to cover it, and hate to style it. Because I know what is coming….NOTHING…….
    I would love to see this product work for me, And I truly believe it would. I have 4 sisters that would absolutely buy one if they could see it work.
    Thank You!!!!

  39. Thank you for introducing me to this! I have never seen it before! I have two girls 17 and 13, all 3 of us have completely different hair textures and share a bathroom, so it gets very interesting at our house with all of the hair products for different hair types!The InStyler would solve so many of our problems, we would only need one tool! Thanks so much, I would absolutely love to give this a try!

  40. Stephanie V. says:

    First, my hair is very long, thick, curly, frizzy and thirsty beast. Add children, working part-time and fighting cancer to the mix and there is just no time to deal with it. Recently out of treatment and isolation so my hair’s texture has changed a bit the last few months but would love to give this tool a tough test of hair love to see how she stands up.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  41. chastidy says:

    Id love to win because since I became a Mom almost 5yrs ago, I put my self last. My hair hardly ever gets styled almost everyday is ponytail day. I hope to have fabulous hair again one day Thanks 🙂

  42. Jessica says:

    My hair is really hard to manage and I can’t afford to get my hair blown out in a salon, this would save me so much time in the mornings!

  43. Debbie C says:

    I am almost totally inept with my hair so I need a styling tool that practically operates itself. The InStyler sounds like my kind of hair tool.
    My hair is not really curly but it has a weird problem of having two waves, one front, one back, that when I wear my hair smooth or pulled up… they stick up in kind of a soft ridge. I HATE that.
    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  44. Lori Hart says:

    I just babied my hair back from dry and brittle to healthy and soft. I think my hair deserves a treat like this!!

  45. carol m says:

    I have super thick, coarse hair that is wavy and curly and also has straight, flat sections. I love to straighten my hair but it takes sooo long and sometimes I end up hot and sweat causing the hair to recurl before I am even done.The InStyler looks easier and quicker .

  46. tallcapp says:

    My hair is so straight that attempts to curl it are usually unsuccessful. I need help! I want to try the InStyler.

  47. hazel hunt says:

    Would love to win!!!

  48. Heather B says:

    I deserve the instyler because I have hair that refuses to be either curly or straight the sides are curly but the back almost always straight, and don’t get me started on the frizz!. As a single mom i don’t really have the money to put into buying something but winning would be great!

  49. Michele says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I have straight hair, it’s limp and I haven’t been able to find any products to help style my hair. I watched an infomercial on this styler and I told my family that I want to try this! I’d love soft curls other than my straight as a board hair. It would do a lot for my self esteem.
    mrsmiki77 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  50. Brandy Byrne says:

    I deserve this because I rarely get anything new. I wear my hair up most of the time anyway because it’s so unruly. I know this would help me have a style all of my own.

  51. SaraLee E says:

    I deserve The InStyler because I have been wearing my hair the same way for 15yrs and I would like to change it up. I need a way that I can change with ease. This would be perfect. Thanks

  52. jen gersch says:

    Well,the front half of my head is straigt hair, the back is very kinky and wavy.. I try to strighten the back on my own and it is a frizzy mess, that is why I deserve the instyler

  53. Carol F says:

    I need help because I am letting my hair grow I want to donate it to Locks for Love and it is at a miserable length and I would love to be able to style it and have it look good until it is long enough to cut
    carolkfoster at comcast dot net

  54. Sandra says:

    I’ve been wanting an InStyler since I first saw it advertised. My hair is very frizzy all year long with unruly curls. I personally describe myself as the red haired monster in that old Bugs Bunny cartoon that Bugs gives a permanent to. Wish I could post a picture of my hair last summer while walking down the boardwalk in the heat and humidity, I’d win this out of pity in a heartbeat. My kids kept patting my hair down and kind of pretending they didn’t know me.

  55. Lezanac says:

    I really need this for my daughter She has totally unmanagable hair. It is thick and our current flat iron is not working at all to straighten her hair. She goes to school with her hair pulled back most mornings because we just can’t do anything with it

  56. Terri P says:

    I am so hair styling challenged. I have to wait for my daughter to come over to get my hair straightened. I cannot operate a flat iron to save my life. I resort to wearing my hair pulled back because I cannot control it. I was hoping the InStyler would be easier. Thanks for the contest.

  57. Jenn S. says:

    I would love the instyler to make my hair more exciting and to tame the wild curls on my daughter’s head. We could both use a change and it sounds like fun.

  58. Jill Myrick says:

    This would be perfect for both my daughters and me.
    I have stick straight hair and would love to use it to curl. And they both have curly hair and could use it to straighten.
    The best of both worlds in one product.

  59. Susan Cotter says:

    My hair is curly underneath, wavy on top, and thick like that of a sheep dog. Never looked good down unless I got the expensive blowout, so for 40 years (with the exception of the special blowout occasion)I had the same hairstyle which always involved a ponytail holder or clip. Finally my hairstylist helped me “embrace the curl” and I twist it with some product. I feel a little more mature and it looks adequate; BUT, with a blowout I am a different person! Straight and curled under is the look I was meant to have. Clearly, someone made this hair mistake when I was created. Perhaps my hair was meant for the other kid born that day. You’ve heard of “switched at birth”? The InStyler would be my way of fixing this erroneous placement of unruly hair. As an added bonus, it would help me look 10 pounds lighter – I always look thinner with a straight and under style! Thanks for the opportunity to try and win such a great product.

  60. Rosey says:

    My hair falls impossibly flat without styling assistance. It’s really annoying.

  61. kathy says:

    I deserve this flat iron because I have curly hair which explodes when it is humid out. I came home one summer day after being outside and my son said ‘mommy, you’re a clown!’

  62. Candie L says:

    I need this because my hair is so rough and fly away that I need any help I can get to get it lay down and not have my students tease me and make fun of my hair. THank you

  63. Brooke R. says:

    I have always wondered if this product worked. I have hair that will not curl nor be straight. It likes only to be frizzy. I get so frustrated with it sometimes and would love to try the InStyler. Maybe it would be the answer to my hair prayers!!

  64. danielle says:

    I would love to have this for my curly but thinning tresses, and it would be great for my daughters ultra thick bent hair.
    daniellealexi at gmail dot com

  65. rebecca says:

    My ever thinning hair could use some poof from the roots out.

  66. tina singer says:

    I need this because I have tried 4 other flat irons with lousy results. I am a busy mom and grandma and I need a product that works with no hassle!

  67. Melissa W. says:

    I don’t need the InStyler for myself, but for my daughter – She has gorgeous naturally spiral curl hair but really thick and this would cut down on the morning routine for her! Plus she is a teeny bopper and spends enormous amounts of time on her hair!
    alissme72 at gmail dot com

  68. Colleen S says:

    I am so hopeless with my hair. My curling iron does not get hot enough for anything to stay curled. I literally haven’t done my hair in months. I need the Instyler to actually accomplish something akin to being styled (or at least looking like I tried!)

  69. Erica C. says:

    I keep seeing this and want to try it! My hair has always been super straight. It’s thin but I have a ton of it…so it’s a big frizzy nightmare with lots of flyaways. This would be great to give my hair some much needed love.

  70. Auriette says:

    For the past few years, every time I wash my hair, it ends up looking like crazy old lady hair. Okay, I’m a little crazy, and while I don’t consider myself old, when I was young, I probably would have considered someone my age to be old, so the crazy old lady hair is probably fitting, but I hate it. It’s mainly this one spot, just to the right of my part and in the front quadrant of my head. It gets frizzy and stands up, and it takes a whole lot of time and effort to make it lie down like normal hair. This rotating flat iron would, I’m sure, ease my crazy old lady hair pain.

  71. susan smoaks says:

    i deserve this because i have really frizzy hair, i need this to tame it. it’s hard to style my hair without it looking like a fro.

  72. Lisa Carr says:

    I deserve this because I just spent an hour trying to tame my teenage son’s super curly, wiry hair. It’s like a 10-step process, because his hair is so thick and curly. The InStyler would make both our lives so much easier. He’s in middle school, and right now his hair is the thing that troubles him the most. Help! lisacarr7 ataol dot com.

  73. Diane Baum says:

    I would love the instyler as people often confuse me with a brillo pad and if I had these tool I could make the kinky waves go away.

  74. S Carter says:

    I hope to win because I would love to rock my curly hair straight. Right now it is too hard. I am growing my hair so that I can donate 10″ of it this summer. It is so much work to blow dry and flat iron that I just gave up for now. This looks perfect!

  75. Josh says:

    I deserve to win this product because my hair is begging for a change. I’ve tried everything from straightening (disaster) to flat ironing and I’m just an overprocessed frizzy, dried, frazzled girl who’s walking around exposing said dried/frizzy hair to the world. I recently cut off 5 inches, but my hair is still right below my shoulders. It’s healthy at this point, but this tool would make my life complete. Please consider giving this chica a brand new life with this hair extrodinaire product. Thank you.

  76. Rhonda Housmann says:

    I am a working mother of two. I have been working with blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons for thirty years only to burn and damage my hair. The in styler would greatly be appreciated by me and my daughter, which has totally frizzy, unruley hair no matter what i do to it. It would be so wonderful not to have to use all those different products on our hair. Not to mention how beautiful and healthy it makes your hair. The girls is this house need a change and that change is your amazing in styler.

  77. Kricket says:

    I am so disappointed in my hair. I would love to win this so I can turn my styling around and be excited on how this item can work for my hair.

  78. Tarah says:

    I have the opposite problem as you, I ALWAYS wear my hair straight and I’d love to create pretty curls, flips & waves to give it some body. Like you, I was unsure about this product as well but I like your review!

  79. Sue says:

    I deserve it because I have crazy hair. Wavy and fine but lots of it! I’ve tried different flat irons but they don’t seem to work on my hair. Sure, they may straighten my hair but it is left FLAT! And it just doesn’t like right with my face. Think Cindy Crawford. Remember when she first went from BIG hair to the straight look? It looked a little odd. I could deal with it but I don’t have a face like Cindy! LOL! So I need something that will straighten my hair will flattening it.Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. lois says:

    I would love to try this, I’m using hair tools from the 80’s I need to up date and use some new hair tools! Thanks for the contest.

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