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June 6, 2011 • Beauty, Magazine

In this economy we are now faced with making decisions such as whether to purchase our regular $30 mascara or  try a $5 dollar version. Realizing you’ve spent your monthly allowance on a new pair of new Louboutins, the $5 dollar mascara may be the way to go. For some, the less expensive option is the only way to go, because who says beauty has to be expensive? Whatever your beauty rules may be, there are options for everyone at every price-point, whether it’s the expensive brand or the drugstore brand. Check out these beauty Splurge vs. Steal winners.

I have to say that Nars Orgasm Blush has to be one of my all time favorite blushes. It looks fantastic on just about anyone, and pics up the natural flush in cheeks with an added glow. You can’t go wrong with Orgasm Blush, but if you don’t want to spend the money, try NYX’s Blush in “Pinched”. It’s one of the best inexpensive steals you can find in such a popular color. This blush is highly pigmented and layers wonderfully.

We all know the phenomenal benefits of Vitamin E, from healing our skin, to giving us a glow. Vitamin E cremes can also be expensive, and Jo Malone’s version is no exception. She has Vitamin E covered with her wonderful Vitamin E Gel. It’s definitely one of your more luxurious vitamin E cremes and you can’t go wrong.  However, don’t fret if you love a great vitamin E creme but don’t want to pay a ton for it.  Genes Vitamin E Creme is one of the best  for the value. For less than $15 you get a pound of vitamin E that has one of the highest I.U’s. It moisturizes the driest of skin, and smells heavenly.

If you haven’t heard of MAC’s Ruby Woo Lipstick you are missing out. This lipstick is worn by some of the most famous faces, including Gwen Stefani, Rhianna and Taylor Swift. It’s one of the best matte red lipsticks you will ever find and it lasts forever. However, upon stumbling across Wet & Wild lipsticks at the drugstore, I discovered one of their new lipsticks, Mega Last Lip Colour. Browsing through the colors, I found a color 611D that was a beautiful red and once I tried it on, it looked very much like Ruby Woo. Could I have found a replacement for my beloved Ruby Woo? Well,  not totally, but this is definitely one for the collection.

When looking for the perfect eye shadows you can never go wrong with neutrals, and that’s one thing Bobbi Brown has mastered. But what if you want to add a punch to your color? Then try a neutral shadow with shimmer like Bobbi Brown’s Sparkle Eye Quad. This takes your look up a notch, but is still wearable day or night. For those who don’t wear shadow every day and may not want to splurge try E.L.F. Natural Shadow. You can’t beat it for less than $3.00. Talk about a steal!

There’s nothing that frames your face better than a nicely groomed brow. Which is why brow grooming products are essential. We are all not fortunate to have lush, thick brows and for those who do, you need the right grooming tool. Which is why I love Dior’s Easy Brow Automatic Pencil. Even though it’s more expensive than most brow pencils, I can say it is the best. It fills in sparse spaces and defines brows beautifully. However, I have found another eyebrow pencil that may make you think twice about buying another expensive brow pencil, and that’s Milani Easy Brow Automatic Pencil. Even though it only comes in two colors, Blonde and Dark Brown, that’s all you will ever need. They glide with great precision and fills in brows magically. Definitely one of my favorite brow products.

1. Nars Blush in Orgasm, $27

2. NYX Blush in Pinched, $6

3. Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel, $90

4. Genes Vitamin E Cream, $12.99

5. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick, $14.50

6. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in 909D or 911D, $2.99

7. Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad, $40

8. E.L.F. Eye Shadow Palette – Natural, $3

9. Milani Easy Brow Automatic Pencil, $4.99

10. Dior Powder Brow Pencil, $28

—Kelley Woods

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  1. Elise Ford says:

    Love this! I’ll have to pick up the NYX blush when I run out of my NARS Orgasm!

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