Project Runway Season 9 Episode 9: Image Is Everything. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

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September 23, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Television, Yahoo

Project Runway Season 9, Espisode 9

I’m trying to think back to all the Project Runway challenges there have been, but with nine seasons and numerous challenges it’s hard to remember them all. Yet last night’s challenge could very well be my favorite Project Runway challenge, if not of all time at least in recent memory. I absolutely love, love, love the idea of merging fashion and music. Not that it’s a new concept or anything, I mean models have been dating rock stars forever. But what made this challenge even cooler was that the designers would be working with an actual rock band that would be featured in Rolling Stone magazine. The winning look would also be featured in the magazine as well as a spread in Marie Claire magazine.

Since the number of remaining designers equaled an equal number they were, of course, once again divvied up in to two teams of four. However, unlike other team challenges, the designers didn’t really have to collaborate and make a cohesive look. Instead they came up with a relative theme on how to dress the band and each designer created a separate look for one of the members of the band. Since there was only one band of four, each band member would be modeling two complete designs. And instead of modeling the looks in the traditional runway sense, the band would perform a song in each of the outfits. The band, the Sheepdogs, were very influenced by 60’s and 70’s rock and wanted to show that through they’re apparel as well. Each of the band members voiced their opinion on what they had in mind and their own preferences.

Team Harmony (Laura, Anthony, Anya, and Bert) strived for a modernized Jimmy Hendrix vibe, while Team Untitled (Viktor, Josh, Olivier and Kim) went more western. And even though my love for this challenge knew no bounds, the designers who had never designed or sewn men’s clothing before were voicing nothing but complaints the entire time. Those complaining the loudest were Kim and Anya (both designing outfits for the drummer); neither of whom had created men’s clothing before. While Kim obviously has decent tailoring abilities and seemed to pull a pair of pants together with little problem, her shirt or tunic type top was another matter all together.  Anya, whose designs usually require little sewing skills as it is, was struggling to create a pair of pants that would, one fit her model, but two actually get done. The details that go into tailoring men’s apparel seemed to stump many of the designers. But yet it was the designer with the most experience designing men’s wear who seemed to be struggling the most and the longest. Why? You may ask. It was because his band member was larger than his dress form. Yep, it was Olivier, who also has the worst time management skills. I’m not sure who Olivier was making clothing for prior to Project Runway, but they must have resembled a stick person.  And to make matters worse for himself, he chose not to listen to Ewan, the lead vocalist, and instead stuck with his pale blue and grey palette, rather than the deeper hues Ewan would have preferred.

The winning design came from Viktor and it was so obvious. His jeans were a perfect pair of designer denim, his western shirt looked like it was for a man, unlike many of the blouses the other designers created, and his pleather jacket was a perfect blend of biker dude and rock and roller and on top of that everything was impeccably made. Bert and Josh were also among the top, but the judges, including guest judge Adam Lambert, thought Josh was still over designing his garments and should have skipped some of the appliqués, fringes, zippers or colors he included. Bert seemed to channel the 70’s rocker and created a look that was also impressed the judges, but I think they liked the braided pigtails the Garnier hair stylists gave him more than anything. While the judges had a number of options on who to give the boot to this episode, they seemed intent on getting rid of Olivier. While I can’t fault them entirely, his garments were ill fitting and a tad boring, Anya’s hideous garments were so poorly made that the seams were coming undone. But I guess being a good sewer isn’t the most important talent to make it on Project Runway.

Viktor, you are the winner!

Joshua's Design

Bert's Design

Olivier, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

Can’t do a thing without Mood. —Tim Gunn

I don’t know, it just draws your eye to the crotch. —Tim Gunn

I’m like a groupie already. —Kim

That top looks like, ‘Do you want that with biscuits?’ —Bert

He looks like Rock Jesus. —Anthony Ryan

I wanted to run out of the room, it’s so bad. —Anya

I’m not a fan of the tie dye. It looks like he cut himself shaving. —Michael Kors

It’s a little Sweeny Todd tie dye.  —Michael Kors

I think this looks like a lady’s jacket and a silk scarf from the mall. I don’t like it. —Nina Garcia

I think he looks like Pocahontas. —Nina Garcia

This week we got to see that you’ve only been sewing for four months. —Michael Kors

He’s like a reggae Jesus. —Michael Kors

It looks like he’s got a suede lobster bib on. —Michael Kors

I wish the pants would be a little tighter. —Heidi Klum

They’re so polished it’s kind of a Golden Girl goes Rock n’ Roll moment. He’s literally missing a shoulder bag. —Michael Kors

I’m happy he’s in a shirt and a pair of pants right now. —Kim

I see forest elf, like Tinkerbell’s boyfriend. —Heidi Klum

I do like the zipper in the crotch. I’m with you. —Heidi Klum

Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway!

– Bonnie J Brown

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