Project Accessory Season 1, Episode 4: It’s In The Bag. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode

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November 18, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Television, Yahoo

Project Accessory Season 1 Espisode 4

A new week has started on Project Accessory … and it is going on without Ms. Crazy Eyes, AKA Nicolina Royale! How can we continue on?!  We open and all the designers are still reeling from the last elimination. Rich is talking about his second place win. Lovely. We can see who we’ll be focusing on this week. His monotone voice is putting me to bed already.

Molly Sims comes on and is ready to tell us the next challenge. Or not. Wait, what? They have to meet their mentor for their info. That means we’re seeing Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti a little bit earlier this week… grrrrrreat. Between her voice and Rich’s, I might have to take a nap. The designers have to pick tubs that are filled with the contents of someone’s purse. And for that, they’ll be making a handbag for all the contents. The designers then get to meet the owners of the box contents.

Christina gets first pick and seems super annoying this episode. From her first pick of the box she is grating. I mean, she was annoying before but she is to the degree of a pestering 4 year old who has had one too many sugar bites. She is after Diego the infamous handbag maker (well, between this group ) so everyone is out to beat him. The owners of the bags come and in they get all the input they need. Off to Mood!

More inter-workroom smack talk. Shea and Rich are still at it and Christina is sooooo excited that she’s done faster than Diego. Alrighty, Christina. You’re done faster than the handbag designer… no one said it was good, just that it was complete. We get it. Eva and the clients comes in… but they all bring in a bombshell. After being handed a handbag from their clients, they are told that they will have to make another accessory out of that handbag. Grrrrrreat. More accessories to an already packed challenge. Why can’t they let the designers just make what they want without having to throw a twist into every challenge?

The workroom drama continues between Rich and Shea. She is being annoying as well, ruining leather machines in her wake and Rich has had enough. Well, I can see where he’s coming from unfortunately… She’s like the buzzing of a bee while you’re trying to make a handbag. Or something like that. Brian pretty much is doing what he wants and his client doesn’t really care for it. Well! Somebody’s showing their true colors!

The next day comes and no one is anywhere close to done. Scrambling ensues. It looks like Rich’s bag is not finished when time is called. James didn’t even do the second piece! What?! This could be the first time that we’re only into the fourth episode and this is the second time a piece was unfinished. And of course, the one who has something negative to say about it is Adrian. Um, I wouldn’t say that too loud, dude considering the fact that you’re still in the competition.

Showtime! Wait a minute, half the judges are new this week. Ariel Foxman is back, Kenneth Cole decided he couldn’t be bothered with this nonsense was unavailable so they sent in jewelry and handbag designer Kara Ross, and accessories and fashion designer extraordinaire Rebecca Minkoff is in the house! Love me some Minkoff! Models walk and everyone is blabbing on about one of two things: that their pieces aren’t finished and/or falling apart or they are desperately trying to beat Diego.

We split the group into the highs and the lows. The top runners consist of Diego (duhr), Christina, Nina, and Brian. Pretty much everyone in the bottom knew that that’s where they were suppose to be: James, Adrian, Rich and Shea. Rich’s bag is literally falling apart on the runway before our very eyes, but James gets chewed out for not doing his extra piece. Wow, what a complete turn-around from Rich talking about how he was in second place in the last challenge and such a risk taker.

Surprise, surprise… Diego wins the challenge for his snazzy handbag. Yay ! Our Diego (from Chicago) is the winner! As for the loser, it came down to not finishing his piece and James (also from Chicago) is kicked off. I don’t know how the rules have changed in the last two episodes but whatever…Still making it up as we go along, I see. We are sorry to see James (a home-town honey) go! At least he gave his client what she wanted and not just something he wanted to make *couchcoughBriancough* or that it was LITERALLY falling apart in front of everyone. I swear I saw a piece of leather hit the floor. And Molly, stop telling everybody that they’re talented as you’re kicking them out the door. Grab a new exit line!

We’re still going strong people! And the guest judge next week is Rachel Roy! Rebecca Minkoff and Rachel Roy, back to back?! They are on fire with the guest judges this year minus Debra Messing. Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway!

Diego, You are the winner of this challenge!

Brian's designs

Christina's Designs

Nina's Designs

Adrian's Designs

Shea's Designs

Rich's Designs

"Sorry James, You are out!"

Memorable Quotes

“Underneath the mechanics overalls is an accessory designer. Who knew?” – Rich

“So Molly tells us about our next challenge… except she tells us nothing.” – Christina

“We are blindly choosing our boxes and it’s hard to choose a book by its cover.” – Rich

“There must be a sign on my forehead, ‘Give Shea the hardest challenge’.” – Shea

“I Have to be polite, I like to be polite. Sometime I want to say leave me the hell alone!” – Diego

“She didn’t respond too much to the color. It may be different than what she was thinking but I don’t care.” – Brian

“I make handbags, I don’t make miracles.” – Diego

“I think we’ve all reached a state of loopiness.” – Nina

Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway!

—Taneisha Jordan

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