Project Runway All Stars, Season 1 Episode 4: Good Taste Tastes Good. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

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January 27, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Television, Yahoo

Isaac Mizrahi, Diane von Furstenberg, Angela Lindvall, Georgina Chapman and Miranda Kerr judge Project Runway All Stars Season 1 Episode 4

We’re back with the Project Runway All-Stars and they’re already in the runway room waiting. That’s what I like about this show. None of the fluff, just straight to show!

Not Heidi Angela Lindvall comes out to tell the designers about their next challenge and she has a special guest with her… Diane von Furstenberg! DVF is in the house! First, they get to pick a flavor of gelato that will be the inspiration of their ensemble. But DVF also has bad news: they will have only six hours to complete the challenge. This will be the shortest challenge in Project Runway history! Six hours! How can this be done?!

Project Runway All Stars Designers Kara, Mondo, April Michael and Rami

Project Runway All Stars Designers Kenley, Jerell, Mila, Anthony, and Austin

Everyone sketches stick figures and runs off to Mood to snag fabric. It’s not as hectic as one would think but we still have another 50 minutes of the show left to go. Back to the workroom! Mila tells Michael that she has no black. Wow, Mila. You want a medal? Maybe you should say the same thing to April. Well, she tried that last week and we all saw how that turned out.

Trouble is afoot. Michael’s is about eight and a half inches too short. Uh oh. Kara is running and sewing random scraps of fabrics together. Austin’s bobbin has run amuck. There’s anarchy and bleeped out swears in the workroom!

This is the episode where everyone mentions the time every 38 seconds. So much that it should be a drinking game. Time time time! Joanna Coles comes through and basically just gives the dresses a once over with a few sliced comments. It seems like the TIME is just flying by (see what I did there?)!

Model fittings run the standard. And everyone is obsessed with the Neiman Marcus wall. Maybe they should start having this Neiman Marcus one instead of Banana Republic Bluefly Piperlime wall they have now. There won’t be as many “styling” complaints from Kors or Garcia anymore. Kara’s proportions are all types off. Wow. And Austin is sewing and gluing his model into his dress. Everyone seems to just have a “whatever” attitude about this dress.

Runway time! We are joined by Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and there’s two guest judges! Diane von Furstenberg is back with model Miranda Kerr. How I love that we just have voiceovers on the runway and no random comments.

Mila gets love for her lines and layers of seaming and color-blocking but seems too simple, Michael has the color and feel of the grapefruit but missing the tart aspect, and Mondo’s bright colors help him once again make it to the top.There are the three that get a slap on the wrist: Kara gets blasted for the too poofy dress and her drab colors, Anthony goes too conceptual and April is gets too ambitious for  her simple dress.

Well, Michael’s gift has come true. He wins the challenge! Miranda Kerr will wear his dress at an industry event (not to mention, he also gets wink/job offer from DVF). It’s sad news for April. She gets sent home! Next week, the designers are accosting random people on the street and asking them for their clothes. Can’t wait!

Michael - "You are the winner of this challenge!"

Mondo's Design

Mila's Design

Anthony's Design

Kara's Design

April - "You are out!"


Memorable Quotes:

 The competition is becoming really competitive. – Mondo (duh)

 And I was like ‘f***’. I was like the little kid in the park who dropped their ice cream cone. – Kara

 I see Michael over there crying. He’s like, hyperventilating. – Mondo

 Kara, are you feeling Madagascar? – Austin

 If you’re doing a wrap skirt, does that mean you’re sucking up Diane von Furstenberg? – Joanna

 I do not like Mila’s dress. It looks like a color-block Christmas disaster. – Anthony

I gave her the look of death. – Austin

All is fair in love and fashion. – Austin

Once you hear the word ‘pregnant’, you know you’ve missed the mark. – Isaac Mizrahi

Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway!

– Taneisha Jordan

Photos: Lifetime

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