Mother’s Day: Ideas For Your ‘Beautiful’ Mother

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April 25, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog, Holiday, Yahoo

I could have looked for clothes, jewelry, accessories and the like, but I thought about what I really want this Mother’s Day and besides sleeping in and breakfast in bed, I really crave some ‘all about me’ time! What mother doesn’t want to be pampered and feel refreshed and renewed? I can’t possibly be the only one. So here are some ideas that may be a little different, but trust me…appreciated.

1. Sassoon Salon Visit
Since hair is so important to feeling your best, we believe this is one area you should splurge on. A great haircut and color will last your mother at least 6 weeks, so go ahead and indulge her. We can’t say enough about how much we love Sassoon Salons. I go to the downtown NYC location where Hamid works wonders on my color and Michael gives me some of the best cuts I have ever had. You have to love a salon that does both so well. Carol is a huge fan of the Chicago location. We are Sassoon girls through and through. Tell them we sent you!

2. Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes, $39.50
If eyes are indeed the windows to your soul, brows which frame said windows are uber important. I am a fanatic about maintaining my brows. Well at least since the mid-90’s when a friend took me aside and said the bushy Brooke Shields brow was out of style. Now that they are back in, I still prefer to keep mine streamlined. The Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes is a fool-proof kit. Mom will be surprised you came up with this original idea.

3. L’Occitane  ‘Bouquet of Peonies’ Fragrance Set, $50
As I mentioned in a post just this morning, I am absolutely crazy about this new Peony scent from L’Occitane! I know fragrance is an easy and obvious choice, but trust me, your mom will love this ultra feminine gift set. This limited-edition set includes Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette (2.5 oz.), Pivoine Flora Hand Cream (1 oz.), Pivoine Flora Shower Gel (2.5 oz.) and Pivoine Flora Beauty Milk (2.5 oz.). If anyone wants to get me one, I’ll gladly give you my address!

4. Freeze 24-7 Age-Less Skincare Miracle Kit, $120
Help mom stop wrinkles dead in their tracks. I have tried and love every product in this kit. Freeze 24-7 Age-Less Skincare Miracle Kit will quickly become Mom’s favorite. With Freeze 24-7 Age-Less Technology, the four staples in the Miracle Kit are designed to give mom smoother, softer, younger-looking skin. Kit includes: Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Anti-Aging Eye Serum, Ice Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizer, PlumpLips Lip Plumper.

5. Exhale Mind Body Spa
If you follow us on Twitter, you know I am literally obsessed with Exhale’s Core Fusion classes. Help mom (and yourself) whip her body into shape with a 5-pack of classes. I am continuously amazed by the bodies on some of the women in the classes who are in my mother’s age group! Better yet, join her for a class and then treat her to an hour-long massage. She’ll need it after her first class and their massage therapists are some of the best. Gift cards are available.

6. Sensa
Obviously you may have to tread lightly on this one, but if Mom is always complaining she needs to loose a few pounds, get her some Sensa. I am even using it to lose my last 7 pounds. It’s really easy to use and you don’t have to change your diet too much (yet it’s not a license to eat twice as much as usual either). Just sprinkle it on food and feel fuller faster.

7. Butter London ‘Top & Tails Set’, $25
No fuss, no muss. This set will ensure that mom’s manicure is long-lasting, high-shine and, best of all, 3 Free (no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP). I love this nail set and so will she.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Katie Schmitz

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