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May 21, 2012 • Magazine, Male Box

New York fashion types are abuzz over the opening of the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute’s latest exhibit, Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations. If you had any doubt that the Prada flame shoes for Spring 2012 were the “it” shoe of the season, the queue of well heeled women waiting to enter the exhibit on any given day would prove you wrong. The most elaborate versions were long sold out before their slightly tamer cousins hit store shelves, but you can still have your very own miniature version. The Prada flame shoe ornament will surely grace chic Christmas trees everywhere next holiday season.

Spring is fully upon us and, except for a few days when you trot out your trusty Wellies (you only wear green ones, right?), it’s time to take your latest shoe purchases out for a stroll. Perhaps you’ll don a pair of strappy sandals as you pack up your knee-high boots and clunky booties and take them to your cobbler for an end-of-season spa treatment before you store them for the warm months ahead. If you were plodding along through the recent cool weather and forgot to stock up, it’s not too late to put both feet into fashion. Here’s a guide to the Spring 2012 shoe trends. You’re just a few clicks away from stepping into spring!

Spring 2012 marks the triumphant return of the stiletto! Yes, ladies, after several seasons of stable peep-toe wedges, the world’s designers will have you teetering on pointy toed, pencil thin heels once again. One of the most enduring images of self-assured femininity from my early career was my boss – we’ll call her Jane R – striding sure footed on the slimmest of stilettos down the labyrinthine halls of the Pentagon as she projected chic confidence. Over the years I’ve seen shoe trends come and go, but the classic stiletto endures. Perhaps it’s because the stiletto represents the pinnacle of femininity – deceptively delicate and unimposing, yet a pillar of strength!

The pointy toed stiletto is the “must-have” of the Spring 2012 season and the metal heel versions are the cream of the crop. If you’re still on the waiting list for the black Yves St. Laurent patent leather pump with the metal spike heel that takes “stiletto” literally, then opt for the instantly recognizable Christian Dior peep toed pump that features the brand’s signature Cannage pattern in metal on the heel. The single platform adds a bit of stability to this sky-high heel and the peep toe lets you rock the pop color trend on your toes. If you’re ready to jump right into another Spring 2012 shoe trend – color – then go straight for Lanvin’s flame-colored snakeskin micro-platform pump that features a metal stiletto as deadly as La Femme Nikita.

Prada’s dégradé peep toe stiletto may only take the color trend halfway, but the overall effect is full on fashion. Ask any lady who lunches who takes the extra time for a French pedicure and she’ll tell you that shoes are the easiest way to hit the hot color trend of the season. If you absolutely believe that the Prada flames are akin to Prometheus’ gift of fire to mortals, then go for the pair that lets you step out in two trends at once. The hot pink Prada metal heel slide sandal brings a fiery pop of color and a flashy chrome spike to your every step!

If the peep toe nude shoe has become your staple spring neutral, then fear not. You have many options to flaunt the spring trends on yours OPI-colored toes. The best, in my humble opinion, is the Fendi Fendista peep toe stacked wood platform stiletto. The not-so-subtle logo on the platform is the pedestrian equivalent of an automotive hood ornament. Your Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy may have your fellow drivers in awe on the Sunrise Highway as you speed away to your Hamptons hideaway, but the double F’s of these stilettos will knock the competition out as you party the weekend away!

Finally, if the very thought of stilettos has you off balance – or you just need a little more stability in your otherwise chaotic life – then go for the fashion collaboration that has had the fashion obsessed  waiting breathlessly since they first hit the runway last September. Milly for Sperry Top-Sider’s geranium-colored Cunard jute wrapped wedge will provide the perfect pop of color on the perfectly manicured lawns of the summer’s best garden parties. You’ll also look great sailing off into the sunset to your weekend getaway on the deck of a schooner!

Whichever spring shoe trend you choose to follow, be sure footed in your decision. Step into spring with the confidence that comes from knowing that no one can knock you off your fashion game!

1. Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations Prada Flame Shoe Ornament, $30
2. Yves Saint Laurent Metal Heel Pump, pre-order $595
3. Dior Metal Cannage Heel Platform Pump, $890
4. Lanvin Pointed Toe Metal Heel Pump, $1190
5. Prada Dégradé Peep Toe Pump (Nordstrom Exclusive),  $790
6. Prada ‘Flame’ Slide Sandal, $990
7. Fendi ‘Fendista’ Pump, $815
8. Milly for Sperry Top-Sider® ‘Cunard’ Wedge Loafer, now $129.90

– Joseph Ungoco

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