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November 6, 2012 • Chicago, Designers, Fashion Blog

Brandon Sun At Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue In Chicago

Brandon Sun made it in from New York last Saturday for a trunk show at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I had the opportunity along with two other stylists to style mannequins for Brandon’s event. My partners in styling were Emma Arnold of Tres Awesome and Jessica Moazami of Addictions of a Fashion Junkie. We were instructed to style our mannequins however we pleased and use anything from the store, but to keep in mind a young contemporary woman.

This is the Brandon Sun fur coat I styled.

I was asked to style the breathtaking Brandon Sun coat pictured above. (Yes!) I could walk around the entire store with the coat, from designer to contemporary and down to level one to handbags and accessories. I’m glad Brandon trusted that I would not walk right out the door with the coat. I mean, this coat was made for me! There was also an Etro trunk show going on the same day which gave me quick inspiration to find a bold print and colorful blouse. Then I thought the look could do with a pair of coated jeans and found a pair of Helmut Lang black leather jeans. I also picked up a sequin gunmetal Haute Hippie tank top and blue brocade jeans by Joe’s as alternates (in case my paisley look didn’t work). I found an orange Chloe bag for the Etro look and a Blue Stella McCartney Bag for the blue alternate look. I had them unleash a Prada belt (these belts are under lock and key) with an olive buckle, and a black Gucci belt with a large silver buckle. We were then told Neiman Marcus visual representative Christina Demos would help us with the mannequins and to wait to add the shoes last.

Work in Progress

I went with my original Etro blouse and jeans with the Prada belt. Then Christina told us she would have to rip the seats of our jeans! “WHAT? These are $500 jeans?” I knew this look was important, but there was no need for a pair of Helmut Lang jeans to be sacrificed! She assured us, “I use a seam ripper and rip the seams, and the alterations department makes them new again. We do this all the time.” Phew! Now my mannequin was waiting for arms, and I learned that she really can’t carry a handbag! Less is more! I tried to add several Alexis Bittar necklaces, but Emma agreed, less is more once again. There was no need for a necklace!

Jessica Moazami, (left) styling her look with Christina helping us with mannequins.

Christina left and Emma (trying to keep her Brandon Sun fur jacket).

Ta da! Our final looks! My Look is on the left, Jessica’s is in the center and Emma’s on the right. I thought that these three were going to have some fun tonight! Look out!

I asked Brandon, who was standing by through most of this exercise, if my look (on the left) was too Italian? He said, “Yes, it looks Italian, but I like it!” When it came to the shoes, I was not partial to Italian designers but wound up with a pair of Sergio Rossi chocolate brown studded booties. Jessica Moazami assured I should not be afraid of brown with black, and Brandon and I agreed that the pant should be over the bootie.

Brandon Sun Fur Accessories

While we were working on our looks, I kept grabbing Brandon between customers, and asked him some questions.

SCS: Have you ever been to Chicago before?

Brandon Sun: Yes I was at the School of the Art Institute for a semester. It was actually here that I decided to go into fashion design and then I went to Parsons.

SCS: Oh that’s the best place!

Brandon Sun: I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I was in graphic design, and I love painting, sculpture, and writing. I wanted to be a pop singer!

SCS: I see you use a lot of muted colors. Pastels are big this winter, so are you influenced by trends?

Brandon Sun: Well, I like wearing black and dark colors so I prefer using muted shades of grey.

SCS: Your colors are so flattering for women! You design apparel, too, but do you think you will always design fur?

Brandon Sun: Yes, I think that fur will always be a part of what I design and working with American Legend. My goal is to be a lifestyle brand. Ready To Wear, Accessories – Everything.

SCS: I hope so, because it would all be really cool!

A friend of mine from high school Rosanne Ciambroni showed up at the trunk show and chose this fabulous fur topper. She has such great taste!

Lace, leather and fur by Brandon Sun

I adored these white leather with charcoal grey knit pieces by Brandon Sun

I had so much fun hanging out with Brandon Sun!


– Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style


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