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November 28, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

It has been nearly two months since I lost/left my makeup bag on a plane. I am still crushed. I never believed for an instant I would ever see it again (thanks Delta). While I managed to replace most of the items, some were irreplaceable as in discontinued. One product was my favorite concealer pencil EVER…by Laura Mercier that contained a sharpener in the cap. I don’t know why the company would discontinue this amazing product, but I had known for nearly a year I was never going to be able to replace it so I used it sparingly (it was a nub) and guarded it with my life. Then that fateful day, tragedy occurred.

The reason I loved this concealer pencil is that it covered (ahem) spots like nothing else. I use a regular concealer under my eyes, but for marks and broken capillary coverage I prefer the drier pencil which I just dab on and barley blend.

So I was on the hunt for a concealer pencil as good as the Laura Mercier one. I had heard Urban Decay made a popular one, so I grabbed one of those. By doing a little research I found concealer pencils by Laura Geller and Shiseido and acquired those too. Then recently I was going through some of my makeup in a bag shoved back into the recesses of my makeup storage area and fell upon this MAC Chromagraphic Pencil I had never used. Now I had four to try. Read my comments on each;

1. Laura Geller Caulk Concealer, $25

This is apparently one of Laura Geller’s signature products. The formula is a little creamier than I like, but it glides on easily and covers imperfections really well. This pencil also includes an attached blending sponge for softening lines and a jumbo sharpener. Caulk Concealer is packed with antioxidant vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals and conditions the skin for a smoother texture.

2. MAC Chromagraphic Pencil, $15

Granted I was slightly confused because I thought the MAC Chromographic Pencil only came in colors to be used as liner. Imagine my surprise in finding it also come in flesh colors which can be used as a concealer. It’s creamy, but not too creamy. The coverage is actually pretty amazing.

3. Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil, $18

I know people rave about this pencil, but for my needs it was not my favorite. It’s a little too creamy and either slid off or vanished mid-way through my day. Also, it comes in 8 shades which makes finding the right one really hard. It took me 3 tries to get it right! Mind you, if you are looking for a creamier formula, this one may be for you.

4. Shiseido ‘The Makeup’ Corrector Pencil, $18

This pencil was the closest replacement to the one I lost. It is not too creamy and covers perfectly. Let’s just say this pencil now resides in my makeup bag. The declared winner in my book.

* I have heard ELF makes a good concealer pencil, but I could not find it anywhere.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Disclosure: some samples were provided for review, but the opinions are my own.

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