Chicago Events: Carson Kressley Picks the Perfect Gifts from HomeGoods!

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December 4, 2012 • Celebrity Style, Chicago, Fashion Blog

Carson Kressley At HomeGoods In Chicago

It’s upon us, everyone: the holiday season! And if you’re anything like I am, you are… simply terrified because it now means trying to pick out the perfect gift for those “hard-to-please” individuals in your life. How are you supposed to get everyone the perfect gift with no clue on where to start?

From the fashion lover to the foodie to the kids in your life, HomeGoods has everything you could possibly need! As you well know, HomeGoods is an off-price home fashions stores offering unique home fashions, accessories and decor, including name brand designers. New items arrive every week so each visit is an entirely new experience! Carson Kressley was on hand Thursday night to help guide us through the store at 600 North Michigan Avenue and pick the perfect gift for just about anyone!

Carson Kressley Shows us how to make pretty gifts with wrap, dishes and bows from HomeGoods for just a few dollars.

Blankets and throws are among Carson’s favorite holiday gift to give.

Carson Kressley showed us fancy food gifts and told us yes they are fresh! They are drastically reduced, but the food products are brand new!

Carson Kressley chatted a few minutes with Second City Style on shopping and the intricate art of gift-giving:

SCS: How did you become a spokesperson for HomeGoods?

CS: I always loved shopping at Marshall’s and uncovering a great find. I saw a pair of red soles one time and I thought, could it be? And yes, they were a a pair of Loubouton’s. I wished at the time I had someone to give them to! They were a size 8. It is the same way here at HomeGoods. I am always looking for that one-of-a-kind fantastic find and I have found them here!

SCS: We think of you as a fashion guy more than an in interiors guy…

CS: I love shopping for the home goods and it is just like fashion. You may have a great base, like a dress or a jacket and pants and then you want to accessorize it. It works the same way in your home.

SCS: Do you change up your own home surroundings a lot?

CS: Yes, yes I do!

SCS: We loved your ideas tonight, such as using cool platters from HomeGoods to bring cookies or food gifts to people. A person can find an ugly plate for the same price at a grocery store!

SC: That’s right. For $7.99 you can find beautiful glassware here to bring food to a party, and if you accidentally leave it, who cares?

Second City Style’s Carol Calacci with Carson Kressley with a gift she loves at HomeGoods in Chicago.

SCS: What was the best advice that anyone ever gave you?

CS: Oh let’s see .. I have two bits of advice that stand out. One was something  from Alan Alda “If you have a moment to sit down – take it!” and the other was from my mother, “Never wear white after Labor Day!”

Taneisha Jordan with Carson Kressley with a gift that she says is “perfect!”

– Taneisha Jordan and Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style

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