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December 5, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Holiday, Shopping

There are a number of “must have” holiday items on everyone’s list this year, but these items don’t necessarily give you the most bang for your buck., a website dedicated to providing consumers with the best deals, came up with 10 gifts you shouldn’t buy this winter, and 10 alternatives worth the money.

On the list:

iPad Mini

Try the iPad 2 instead.

The recently launched iPad Mini is still exciting and down-right adorable, but the older iPad 2 is more cost efficient. Both items have the same 1024×768 display and the same great performance level. In fact, the only thing really different about the iPad Mini is it’s size. While a 16GB iPad Mini can be purchased for $329, a refurbished iPad 2 16GB costs $10 less for more screen real-estate and the same 1-year warranty.


Purchase a Kindle Fire HD

The technology of the NOOK HD is comparable to that of its rival, the Kindle Fire HD, but when it comes to the ecosystem of each, Amazon takes the lead. The Kindle Fire HD offers more competitive prices for media like eBooks and MP3s. It also has a more robust app market and users can stream Prime-related film and TV whenever desired. In addition, Barnes & Noble is experiencing a slowdown in its core book-selling business which in turn financially affects the NOOK and its supporting services. Meanwhile, Amazon is breaking records with the Kindle Fire HD.

iPhone 5

Get the iPhone 4 or 4s

The iPhone 5 may have the newest technology, but like the 5, both iPhone 4 and 4s can run iOS 6. The iPhone 4s can be purchased for more than $100 less than the iPhone 5. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 is completely free with a contract. The iPhone 5 may be the newest and latest, but nothing can beat the deals on the older models.

Handheld Game Console

Buy an iPod Touch

With items like the iPod Touch, hand held game counsels like the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS seem almost unnecessary. For the casual gamer, the iPod Touch features a library of games including popular console franchises like EA’s FIFA 13 Soccer, Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty. The apps are considerably cheaper with the iPod Touch and are more readily discounted than those of the handheld game consoles so the savings continue with the iPod Touch.

Starbucks Gift Card

Spring for the Keurig K-Cup Machine

Starbuck’s aficionados will love the Keurig over the traditional Starbucks gift card. The Keurig B130 In-Room K-Cup Brewing System has dropped at low at $50 on numerous savings occasions. There are also frequent deals on the K-Cup packs themselves saving your giftee a considerable amount of money. Not to mention, they will love forgoing the endless Starbucks lines to enjoy a better cup of coffee at home.


Give them a Standard HDTV

3D television is an amazing futuristic dream, but they definitely aren’t the most cost efficient television on the market. With the purchase of the TV comes the recipients purchase of and expensive 3D Blu-ray player and 3D blu-ray discs. To make matters worse, the price of the 3D HDTV increased 10% last December. Instead, purchase a 1080p LCD or plasma HDTV instead.


Bring them a Gift Card

Buying clothes for someone else is nothing but a hassle. Fairing the chaotic holiday shopping conditions, you have to decipher the recipients style and guess their measurements only to end up with an ill-fitting piece that will collect dust at the back of their closet. Instead, purchase a gift card to the recipients favorite store so that they may receive for what they ask and have a fun day looking around the store.

Digital SLR

Try a Mirrorless Digital Camera

A mirrorless digital camera offers the same high quality and images and versatility as a DSLR but in a smaller package and lower price tag. The interface is also simpler so those new to the camera will have no trouble learning the ropes. For the bargain price of $299, a buyer can get an Olympus PEN E-PL2 and Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II Lens. Unless the recipient is a photography enthusiast, they will have a much easier time learning and carrying around the mirrorless digital camera.

Roku Media Player

Get a Blue-ray Disc Player

Roku Media Players are great for streaming, but Wifi enabled Blu-ray players can also, well, play Blu-ray movies. This way, the recipient will have two ways to watch and two types of deals: physical Blu-ray titles and discounted movie rentals. Discounted Blu-ray discs go for as little as $5 which is just about the price of a HD movie rental, only this way, you can keep it.

iTunes Gift Card

Purchase an Amazon Gift Card

iTunes gift cards are great, but Amazon gift cards are even better. The recipient can purchase any item on the sight including their favorite songs, other media, and even something to play it all on. In addition, Amazon regularly pushes sales on MP3 albums while iTunes buries their discounts with poor advertising.

-Kendall Hill

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