Project Runway All Stars, Season 2 Episode 6: Going Green. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

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December 7, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Television

Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Episode 6 Designers

Only eight designers are left in season 2 of Project Runway All Stars and this week they are going green. During a visit with Co-founders of Friends of the Highline Joshua David and Robert Hammond, designers absorb the essence of the famous Highline. The old raised train tracks have been converted into an elevated park in NYC using eco-tech, a new trend also hitting the runways. Designers choose from a line of AirDye fabrics, eco friendly fabrics made without using a drop of water. The challenge? To use the fabric and recycled embellishments from past challenges to create a red carpet ready look.

Co-founders of Friends of the Highline Joshua David and Robert Hammond with Caroline Murphy

Designers expectations are elevated as Carolyn Murphy reveals the special guest judge for this week, CFDA President, Diane Von Furstenburg. In anticipation of a critique from her fashion idol, Laura Kathleen decides to go bold by making a “pant-dress.” Ivy’s nervous about making a red carpet look due to her past history on PR with the red carpet challenge. In typical Uli style, Uli uses a load of embellishments to accent her design. The pressure is on to really show the judges what they got.

Judges Diane Von Furstenberg, Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman and Carolyn Murphy

In a mad scramble to finish their gowns and fit the models, Ivy chops of the bottom of her dress in a possibly fatal move. Emilio who is usually on top of his game and in the top three struggles to complete his dress leaving loose threads and a zipper-less dress. Althea has major difficulties with her purple polka dot pattern, but did we all know that she designed a dress for Kim Kardashian?

After the runway show, Joshua is safe yet again along with Casanova. The judges like Anthony Ryan’s Greek goddess sapphire gown but the proportions aren’t perfect. Uli is also acknowledged for her creative use of embellishment with feathers and all. During the judging, DVF recalls a story from her 20’s about Pajama Palazzo’s leading to Laura Kathleen’s challenge victory! The “pant-dress” was a stupendous choice and Carolyn Murphy will be sporting it on a red carpet near you.

Emilio is reprimanded for his poor execution but the red looked too beautiful on his model to cut him for the challenge. Ivy joins the bottom three with a hideous “sun inspired” gold satin dress, but surprisingly doesn’t get sent home. Althea is sent home for her poor choice of fabric. At least she’ll have more time to design for the Kardashians! Poor Althea, she was such a sweetheart!

Laura Kathleen, “You are the winner of this challenge!”

Uli’s Design

Anthony Ryan’s Design

Emilio’s Design

Ivy’s Design

Althea, ‘You are out!”

Memorable Quotes:

“It’s time for an Uli explosion.” – Uli

“You really don’t want to be showing what your wearing underneath, assuming you are wearing something underneath.” – Joanna

“She really is almost shooting herself in the foot just with the fabric alone.” – Emilio

“It looks a bit nipple focused.” – Joanna

“I don’t think Ivy can design.” – Emilio

“A rainy day in Miami does not sound like what someone wants to look like on a red carpet.” – Joanna

“This is not ‘let me make a basic dress and slap a bunch of trim on it.’” – Anthony Ryan

“I’m smelly, oof I can feel.. Like a rat died in my armpits” – Casanova

“Girl you gotta start sewing because you have no dress!” – Anthony Ryan

“Androgynous sounds like a walk in the park right now.” – Uli

“It’s like a little pig squeelin’ in the mud.” – Anthony Ryan

“I got a peak of panty but who doesn’t love a good panty?” – Anthony Ryan

“This is the worst that that fabric has ever looked.” – Isaac

“It’s called forbidden fruit.” – DVF

Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway… Blogging Project Runway!

-Kendall Hill

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  1. It is interesting how you have observed the impact a green memorable can have. I think that you were right on with this article. Congratulations again on a good job Kendall.

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