Today’s Fashion Headlines: December 11, 2012

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December 11, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News

YSL Signs New Lease in Chicago

Yves Saint Laurent is heading back to Chicago’s Gold Coast. The luxury brand has signed a lease for a 2,375-square-foot store at 11 East Walton Street and Rush Street at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. A YSL spokesman confirmed that the store will open in the fall. Men’s wear, women’s wear and accessories will be offered. Yves Saint Laurent operated a store on Oak Street when the brand was under the direction of Stefano Pilati that closed in 2010. Since then, YSL has had no presence in the form of a freestanding store in Chicago.

The new Saint Laurent boutique will be part of a ground-floor retail condominium at the Waldorf, which opened earlier this year. Other tenants include Marc Jacobs and Perchance, a multibrand women’s boutique. Janika Brenner, a retail broker with Baum Realty Group, who represented the landlord with Adam Secher, said Oak Street and Rush Street have been competing for luxury tenants: “Oak Street still has the cachet, but there’s more pedestrian traffic on Rush Street.”

Horyn and de la Renta Make Up

All appears to have been forgiven between Oscar de la Renta and Cathy Horyn. After what might be best described as the she-said-hot-dog-he-said-stale-three-day-old-hamburger standoff, the designer welcomed the fashion critic backstage before showing his pre-fall collection Monday night. More than a few front-rowers took notice when president Alex Bolen ushered Horyn through. Afterward, Bolen said he was not at all surprised that Horyn turned up. “She’s a pro and she has a job to do,” he said.

Horyn, too, was very much back to business. Asked if everything had been ironed out as she headed for the elevator, she said there was never anything unironed. As another olive branch to de la Renta, Horyn wore one of the designer’s dresses and made a point of telling Bolen, according to one staffer. While greeting well-wishers, de la Renta was even more unruffled. “She came to see me before the show and I told her we probably approach fashion in two different ways. I respect her way and I hope she respects my way. My vision of fashion is for my customers,” he said. “I read every single article she writes on fashion. I never hold grudges.” So was it as though the dust-up never happened? “Of course it happened…” de la Renta said smiling good-naturedly. “It takes two to tango.”

Armani Works it Out

Why can’t the states ever have something this fabulous? EA7 Emporio Armani has become the official supplier for the two L’Usine gyms in Paris. After seven years of sporting Nike, the club’s employees will wear clothing and shoes by the label that dressed the Italian Olympic team last summer.

Patrick Rizzo, co-director and co-founder of L’Usine, said both EA7 and L’Usine share an exclusive positioning. He also lauded EA7 for its technical qualities and comfort. The brand is partnering with what it considers to be the most prestigious sports club in major European countries. Other tie-ins already include Milan’s Downtown and Skorpion, Barcelona’s Arsenal and London’s Thirdplace. During a press conference on Tuesday morning in Paris, French gymnast Hamilton Sabot, who won a bronze medal for the parallel bars during the London 2012 Olympic Games, demonstrated some impressive moves while wearing EA7.

– Taneisha Jordan

Sources: WWD
Photo: W Magazine

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