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December 12, 2012 • Chicago, Fashion Blog, Shopping

You may have seen or already tried out a Me-ality™ Find Your Fit™ size matching machine at a shopping mall, but if you haven’t, I can tell you how it works. First of all, don’t be afraid. This is not like airport security where they can see everything under your clothing. This machine finds your size and contours form the outline of your body. And if you are afraid of finding out what size you wear, I can assure the number does not matter, but the fit it what is important to looking your best. You may actually look a size smaller by wearing the right size. Additionally, it is free!

I went to Water Tower Place in Chicago where Sean Mitchell, Chicago Area Manager assisted me in getting scanned. I felt like I was in a futuristic film as I was asked to stand in the middle of the machine, feet slightly apart and arms positioned a hand length from my body. The lights of the machine move around you and in 10 seconds they have your scan. Then I set up a personalized profile that I can see online. All of this took only about 5 minutes.

Then Sean showed me on a computer screen my sizes in various brands and at stores at the mall with recommendations for me. I feel I know my size very well, so it had to pass my test for accuracy. I was offered a large variety of jean recommendations, which should very useful for everyone. Then he printed off colorful mini brochures with People Stylewatch trends to take with me right into the stores at the mall to try things on!

Now through a recent partnership with Nordstrom, when you are scanned by Me-Ality you will receive recommendations of your best fits in a variety of brands directly to your email. And you know how many brands Nordstrom carries!

The service can be used for your entire family, which is a great way to have everyone’s sizes at your fingertips. You can get scanned once a month which is useful for growing children’s sizes or for a person on a weight loss program to help them to track their progress and reach their goal!

More about the Me-Ality Size Matching Stations:
10-second, fully-clothed body scan for men, women and teens currently located in more than 70 malls nationwide
Provides discreet print out of exact body measurements and the participant’s best fit across a wide range of popular brands and stores
Participant is also set up with a personalized online profile for future reference and additional brand/label recommendations
196 small antennas send/receive low power radio signals (1000x weaker than the common cell phone) that in seconds records over 200,000 points of reference to inform the participant’s best fit

Check out Me-Ality at a shopping mall near you. It’s fun and it’s free! In Chicago visit Water Tower Place, Northbrook Court and Woodfield Mall.

For more information and to find a location visit

– Carol Calacci

Photos: Me-Ality and Second City Style

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