Project Runway All Stars, Season 2 Episode 7: An Unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

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December 14, 2012 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog, Television

Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Episode 7 Designers

The seven remaining designers take on an unconventional challenge with a holiday theme. The designers are nervous because this is “the challenge every Project Runway designer loves to hate and every viewer likes to watch.” Singer Kylie Minogue and producer and actress La La Anthony are the guest judges. International jeweler to the stars Fawaz Gruosi visits the designers and announces the winner will win one of his watches.

Fawaz Gruosi and Carolyn Murphy

The designers have $350 and thirty minutes inside a store in Pier 17 to buy supplies. When they find out they have to shop at a Christmas store, they are less than thrilled. Their designs for this challenge must be created only from the materials inside this store and to make matters worse, no one should know the materials came from the store! Basically, they have to create a design that doesn’t look like Christmas using only items from a Christmas store and this is no easy feat. After Casanova made two looks and hated them, he recycled the other designer’s scraps to create his dress.

Project Runway All Stars judges La La Anthony, Kylie Minogue, Gorgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and Carolyn Murphy

Early on during judging, Emilio is safe. After much deliberation, the judges announce Uli as the winner and recipient of the stunning de Grisogono watch. Excited Uli declares “I will have this forever and think of you when I’m famous!”

Of course, the excitement can only last a short while because it is time to announce which designer is going home. Ivy and Casanova are in the bottom two and after criticizing their looks, Casanova is sent packing. Ivy is crushed and wishes she could take his place because he is the nicest person she knows. Tears were shed! Casanova is going to learn from his mistakes and carry on designing. In the preview for the next episode, host Carolyn Murphy promises a fashion face-off. I can’t wait to see what kind of drama that will bring!

Uli, “You are the winner of this challenge!”

Anthony Ryan’s Design

Laura Kathleen’s Design

Joshua’s Design

Ivy’s Design

Casanova, “You are out!”

Memorable Quotes

“OMG that’s an amazing prize! I want that watch!” –Laura Kathleen

“Oh my god it’s Kylie Minogue!”-Joshua

“This is probably the biggest judge in Project Runway!”- Anthony Ryan

“What is standing directly in front of me? A Christmas store!”-Joshua

“A big, fat man who climbs in the chimney at night would get shot in my neighborhood! We call those burglars.”-Emilio

“I love a good menorah and I’m not afraid to light a candle.”-Joshua

“There’s a whole Christmas tree on this dress!”-Uli

“I am having a meltdown – literally and figuratively.”-Emilio

“I think she looks fat! And she is not a fat girl.”-Isaac

“You should have to work to show a woman’s privates on the runway.”-Isaac

“We’ve got the ba-dom!”-Kylie

“You have a tendency to go a little old lady.”-Isaac

“What woman wants her waist looking fat, all their privates showing, and a detail flapping in the back?”-Georgina

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– Claire Mykrantz

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