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December 17, 2012 • Magazine, Pret Reporteur

When your loved ones ask the dreaded “What do you want for Christmas?” question, do awkward silences follow? I mean, what do you ask for? While we can hope and pray that a new pair of Manolos is waiting for us under the tree, it may be time to be thinking of back-ups. But what?! Well, there’s no need for a holiday panic. Here are 6 gift ideas you can ask for that are both functional and fashionable. You heard that right: functional fashion.

1. Juicy Couture Faux Fur Headphone Earmuffs, $98

What’s one of the biggest winter dilemmas for fashion girls in walking cities? The deafening silence, of course! Going from Point A to Point B is so much easier when you’ve a rocking tune or killer beat to keep you company. However, when the nippy cold air bites at your ear, you can’t ignore a good pair of earmuffs.  Then one day, somebody shows us we don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. These faux fur earmuffs have headphone speakers embedded within, which allows the music to rock steady, while it protects your head from sneak attacks of frost bite.

2. Cole Haan Platform Pumps Mariela Peep Toe, Now $196.80

Okay, so it’s in the Fashion 101 textbook that nude platform peep toe pumps are an essential to any lady’s wardrobe. However, spending hours on these skyscrapers can leave your feet feeling a little war-torn. That’s why these Cole Haan kicks are a fashionista’s best-kept secret! Hidden at the base of the platform lie Nike Air technology, which keeps the pressure off your soles. In short, you feet stay comfy longer, and you’ll look red-carpet ready!

3. Echo Gloves, Tech Touch Leather Gloves, $68

Remember the good ol’ days when you didn’t have to worry about things like whether or not you can work your iPhone/tablet/lifeline without your gloves? Yeah, those were the Golden Years. The future has led us forward, and fashion just couldn’t keep for up. Thankfully, those days are OVER! These sleek leather gloves get a double A-plus for style, and still let’s you text/tweet/email with ease!

4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Exclusive iPhone Zip Wallet,  $89.95
You know how you go to a super cool holiday party, and have to spend the entire night safe-guarding your clutch? Yeah, that totally blows. The only problem is, your wallet isn’t quite big enough to squeeze your cell in. That is, until now! Only a genius like Michael Kors can give us a wristlet wallet slim enough to still be party-ready, yet with enough storage space to allow us to slip our phones inside. One word MK: genius!

5. Diane Von Furstenburg Harper Connect Shoulder Bag, $695

The clutch trend is so not over! These days, clutches are large and slightly over the top. The big question is: how does a lady keep all of the day’s essentials in one little case? Well, DVF makes life a little easier by this accordion-style should clutch. The piece de resistance is the hidden iPad/tablet compartment on the side. You’re no longer at risk of sneak attack technology thefts because this bag keeps your tech tools inside your bag, even while you use it!

6. Bobbi Brown Bellini Lip and Eye Palette, $75

You know how it seems holiday parties are planned back-to-back with the workday? Yeah, whose brilliant idea was that?! Well, since we can’t run home to do a 180 day-to-night makeover, it’s best to bring all your magic beautifying tools in the office with you. That’s what’s great about Bobbi Brown’s Lip and Eye Pallette. It gives so many colors for both eye shadow and gloss that no look is out-of-reach for you. Smoky eyes? Check. Bold lip? Nude lip? Or even a flirty gloss? Consider them all done! The best part? It all fits in such a compact case that you wouldn’t mind the extra load.

–Laurie Espino

Image Layout: Laura Burkhardt




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