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December 17, 2012 • Magazine, Vintage

I love gift-giving. I genuinely enjoy hunting around for unique artifacts for my friends and family. That’s where the vintage world really shines – it gives you the opportunity to curate a special present for someone that goes beyond purchasing a trendy item. While I enjoy giving items that people need, I love buying things for people they would deem too gratuitous to purchase for themselves. With that in mind, I did a bit of pre-holiday shopping and came up with what I think is a pretty fabulous gift guide for the vintage lover in your life – be she a best friend, mother, or jewelry-loving girlfriend – you’re sure to find a memorable present amongst these special items.

1. Yayoi Forest, Triple Diamond Twinkle Necklace, $920

Simple and timeless, this necklace looks like a precious family heirloom – a piece that once you put on, you never take off. I am, admittedly, not a diamond fanatic – I find them too glossy for my own personal style – but  I would wear this piece daily. The necklace speaks to understated chic in the most special way. A staple for any woman who appreciates a time-honored vintage aesthetic.

2.Vintage Rhinestone Bow Collar, $89

I recently made a dangerous discovery in Brooklyn’s Old Hollywood (there’s a Broome Street location as well), and have been obsessed with the boutique’s carefully curated collection of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces ever since. I absolutely love this rhinestone bow collar for holiday gift-giving, seasonal fetes and beyond. It’s simple, it’s chic, it’s elegant, it’s playful – it’s perfect. A divine statement piece whose statement is just right – not a rhinestone too much. We all need these, ladies. One should never be afraid to put a bow on it.

3. Retrosun Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses,  $180

Sunglasses are a perfect gift. They’re worn all year long, they provide an accessory for every outfit and they have the potential to elevate any look to something truly special. A favorite gift from my boyfriend is a gorgeous pair of sunglasses we found shopping around Brooklyn one day. There’s not a day I wear them where I don’t receive a compliment, and I feel special every time I put them on. For a steal, these dove grey, ombre Dior sunnies are an absolute knockout. They’re oversized, timeless perfection and there isn’t a woman who won’t look (and feel) completely fabulous in them.

4.Vince Vintage Leather Scuba Jacket, $995

No, this is not a bauble, but every woman needs a really great leather jacket – vintage, of course, is best. This gorgeous grey piece from Vince features a large collar, asymmetrical closure and a clean, loose fit that looks well worn in just the right way. This is a piece that will be loved forever. Plus it will go great with all the new jewels and fabulous Dior sunglasses you’ve purchased.

5. Digby + Iona Lost Love Compass Necklace, $280

There are few things I love more than found objects as baubles – this antique brass compass is an ideal example. It’s unique, and its dual function – both compass and necklace – makes it a particularly rare find. A one-of-a-kind gift for the jewelry lover on any list!

– Amanda Aldinger

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  1. City Journal says:

    Very Nice! Amanda, What motivated you to call this blog “Giving Vintage”, not that the title does not go with the content, I am just wondering. Another good post Amanda.

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