Michael Kors to Be Replaced By Zac Posen? Say It Isn’t So!

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December 19, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Television

By today everyone knows our favorite orange and hysterically funny Project Runway judge (Michael Kors) is going to be replaced by Zac Posen the upcoming 11th season and we at Second City Style are not happy about it! Seriously, the reason we started posting our favorite quotes from every episode of Project Runway (since Season 2) is solely because of Michael Kors. The man had a knack for saying it exactly like it is…in the funniest way possible. He could cut a designer down like nobody’s business and do it in such a way, they just couldn’t be mad. The man paid his dues and had every right for delivering his biting remarks and reviews. Posen however is all of 32 and basically had a career handed to him at a very early age. Don’t get us wrong, we loved Zac Posen, it’s just that well, we don’t find him particularly funny.

“This was an amazing opportunity,” Posen commented to Access Hollywood. “I hope I’m here to give a new perspective to the designers.”

Heidi Klum in damage control mode was quick to point out that Kors has not been aufed, he is just too busy (and rich) to commit to another entire season. However, he may come back as a guest judge. Posen claims to have learned from Kors when he was a guest judge, “I saw he was always a generous, warm mentor,” Posen commented.

Posen claims craft and construction are among his passions, so nothing will get past his sharp eye, he explained. Maybe now we won’t have to look at unfinished hems or glued on appliques! Posen, however, apparently also wanted to play the Tim Gunn mentor role. Said Posen “I wanted to be behind the scenes with Tim … I was seeing the clothes on the runway, but Tim had all the background interaction.” It had better remain that way because if Tim Gunn is out…so are we!

There will be other changes, but we guess we will just have to tune into the new season of Project Runway which begins January 24. Let’s just hope our favorite show does not jump the shark. It remains to be seen.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Source: Access Hollywood

Image: Second City Style

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