That Was Fast! User Revolt Causes Instagram To Scrap Selling User’s Photos

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December 19, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Social Media

If you were on Facebook or Twitter yesterday you saw a viral visceral reaction to news that Instagram was planning to sell users’ photos as advertisements without payment come mid January. Well within 24 hours it could just go down as one of the worst marketing blunders made by a tech firm this year…or ever! Remember Netflix last year? Kinda like that.

Yesterday when the news made it’s rounds it led to ‘insta-revolt’ which in turn led to an’ insta-reversal.’ The people have spoken! The photo-sharing service, which Facebook bought this year, on Monday tweaked its terms of service, which would have allowed its marketing partners to use members’ photos — including those of children — in advertising campaigns without their knowledge. Can you imagine? Celebrity users and the legal community were also up in arms!

According to the NY Post, Daniel Jacobs, a lawyer for the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said he had never seen a terms of service that allowed what Instagram was proposing. Not even on other photo sites like Yahoo’s Flickr or video sites like YouTube. “We had not seen a photo service that tried to claim the right to user photos for advertising without telling you it’s an ad and without compensation.” Jacobs said.

Celebrities went bananas too.

“I just read the new Instagram terms of use starting on Jan 16th. Seriously considering closing my account!.. It’s not OK!” Supermodel Bar Refaeli said.

Actor Jonah Hill said, “Instagram, you were my favorite app and you stabbed me in the back. I feel like I married you and you just slept with my best friend.”

So late yesterday Instagram said it was all a ‘misunderstanding.’ Apparently we all misread it. Ahem. However Jacobs said in essence it was B.S. and that yesterday’s uproar was justified, because the language that Instagram proposed indicated the company would have the rights to far broader use of user photos beyond just their profile picture.

Thank God we don’t have to delete our account. Follow Second City Style on Instagram here!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Source: New York Post

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