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December 26, 2012 • Magazine, Male Box


Having survived the Mayan Apocalypse, fashion types everywhere are now setting about the task of drafting their New Year’s resolutions. While the rest of the world resolves to “join the gym” or “eat healthy”, we in the fashion world make similar resolutions, except we base them on our fashion choices. For instance, instead of resolving to just “drop a dress size,” a fashionista might just resolve to fit into that one-of-a-kind, runway sample she recently bought at the “friends and family” preview day of a sample sale before spring officially begins on 21 March. See the difference? If you’re struggling with your resolutions, allow me to guide you through a few that every fashionable woman can easily add to her list – and take advantage of last minute 2012 online shopping. You’ll kick off 2013 with style!

I resolve… to walk to work – in this season’s boots.  Everyone is resolving to exercise more. Why not resolve to do it with more style? Ditch last year’s over-the-knee pirate boots and go for this season’s chunky heeled biker boot. Sure you can go all authentic and opt for a pair of Frye’s, but you probably made that “lifetime investment” years ago. Why not step ahead of the pack in DV8’s architectural heel double platform bootie?

I resolve… to walk softly – and carry a big tote. Have you noticed that electronics seem to keep getting smaller, but the women on their way to work seem to be carrying more bags than ever? Why not “put all your eggs in one basket” and invest in a super-stylish oversize tote? Vegan friendly designer Stella McCartney offers a chic, chain strapped tote that’s big enough to carry your iPad, work shoes, and anything else you might need.

I resolve… to be warm – without being puffy. Who wants to look like the Michelin Man waddling around in a giant puffy coat? Chic women from cold climates have long known that Canadians know a thing or two about being warm AND stylish. Season after season, Mackage offers lightweight, slim cut winter coats that are extremely warm. If you’re new to the brand, then definitely go for a model with an oversize asymmetrical collar. The double-breasted Fran cable knit collar coat is the perfect length for strolling down snow covered avenues or hopping in and out of taxis.

I resolve… to “invest” in a cashmere turtleneck. Tired of replacing your worn out turtlenecks every season? Fed up with trying to tighten your saggy necked standbys at home in the dryer? Absolutely through with itchy wool blends? It’s time to “invest” in a big girl turtleneck. Jil Sander’s slim fit cashmere and silk turtleneck will be your go-to item this winter season – and many more to come.

I resolve… to “keep it tight” – with a designer belt. You work hard all year to keep that gym body toned. Then you find the Holy Grail of fashion – jeans that actually fit! Why ruin it all with a belt that pulls your jeans up over your navel? Resolve to match your belts to the fit of your pants. Add a “denim friendly” belt to your wardrobe this year. Ralph Lauren’s leather hip belt hugs your curves and keeps the waistband of your jeans right where it belongs.

Finally, resolve for 2013 to add just a little more style to everything you do and wear.  You already read Second City Style and 2013 is the year to put all that great advice to use. You’ll pull ahead of the fashion pack and be the style leader you were always meant to be!

1. DV8 by Dolce Vita ‘Quin’ Boot, $188.95
2. Stella McCartney Classic Falabella Tote Bag, Black, $1195
3. Mackage ‘Fran’ Cable Knit Collar Coat, now $422.10
4. Jil Sander Cashmere & Silk Turtleneck, now $354
5. Lauren Ralph Lauren Leather Belt, $52

– Joseph Ungoco

Image Layout: Second City Style

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